Barbie highlights the important role that dads play in the lives of their daughters…

A huge part of a dad’s role is to empower their daughters to be confident, imaginative and sure of who they are. Global research shows how time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world, and the importance of nurturing the father-daughter relationship to raise the next generation of girls to know their limitless potential.

A study of 500 South African dads with daughters under the age of 18 has revealed the top 20 things fathers with a little girl will master. The study shows that 85% of dads know it is important to show their daughters that being kind and brave is more important than being pretty, and when it comes to empowering their daughter, 82% of dads tell their daughters that they can be anything.


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Top 20 things that dads with daughters know:

  1. How to make her feel special
  2. How to dance with her on your feet
  3. How to make everything better
  4. How to give the perfect cuddle
  5. Girls like getting dirty too
  6. How to play with dolls
  7. Glitter can get everywhere
  8. How to dance
  9. Girls play football too
  10. How important it is to colour co-ordinate
  11. How to stop a nightmare
  12. How to face paint
  13. What objects in the house make a great pop star microphone
  14. Girls want to learn how to build a den and climb trees too
  15. How to get chewing gum out of long hair
  16. How to braid hair
  17. How to ice skate
  18. How to say ‘No’ gently when she asks to marry you
  19. What a pirouette is
  20. How to make a pair of fairy wings