What in onychomcosis?

‘Onychomcosis is a fungal nail infection caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and non-dermatophyte molds’.

Are you at risk of getting a nail infection?

You may be at risk of getting a nail infection if you have peripheral vascular disease, have recently experienced trauma or an injury, or have an immunosuppressive condition such as diabetes or HIV.


Your doctor may prescribe a topical treatment if the nail bed is unaffected. Oral medication and a topical treatment may be prescribed if the nail bed is affected. Note that it is vital to follow your doctor’s advice regarding treatment as nail infections often recur.

Preventing nail infections

You can help to prevent nail infections by keeping your hands and nails clean. In addition, nails can be kept short and dry.

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If you have touched an infected nail, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly as nail fungus can be passed on to other nails.

Cotton or woollen socks absorb sweat and should be worn regularly. If you have sweaty feet, then it is advisable to change your socks often.

Remember that old shoes can harbour fungi which can cause a reinfection, so opt to throw them away.

Consider using an antifungal powder or spray.

Chat to your doctor if you require more advice on preventing nail infections or are concerned about the health of your nails.

Source: Brochure on Fungal Nail Infections, Pharmaco

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