Hilary Henderson has compiled her life experience into a practical resource book for anyone approaching retirement or nearing retirement

The book, 7 Questions to Answer Before You Turn 65: A Resource Book for Retirement Planning in South Africa features practical ideas and worksheets for those adjusting to retirement, specifically targeting those planning to retire in South Africa.

“The whole concept of retirement as we know it is being turned on its head by the Baby Boomers who are living longer than any previous generation, many of whom are not in a financial position to retire without supplemental income for 20 to 30 years,” Henderson says.

“Most of the available literature is on financial planning for retirement. This book looks in depth at the other aspects of retirement – such as accommodation, health, occupation and social networking.”

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Essential retirement resource book

As Hilary embarked on her career as a retirement coach she explored the available resources and found very little that was not pertaining exclusively to financial planning.

Wearing her occupational therapist hat she set about writing about quality of life in retirement, in the holistic sense. In the book Hilary poses this question: How ready are you for retirement?

She doesn’t just mean financially ready, but whether you have thought through the following:

  • Where you would like to be living when you start to become frail?
  • How do you plan to turn your carefully saved pension into a sustainable income?
  • If your pension income is too little to maintain your lifestyle, what are your alternatives?
  • How will you organise your life to have structure and purpose once the honeymoon phase has worn off?
  • Are you making sure you remain healthy as long as possible?

An excerpt from 7 Questions to Answer Before You Turn 65:

‘We no longer see retirement as the clear disintegration of the binary division of our day-to-day lives into work and non-work. Retirement is starting to depend on what we put into it, just as a productive work day depends on how we prepare ourselves by getting enough sleep and recharging our batteries in leisure pursuits’.

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