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Bobby Godsel, James Molatse, and other high profile South African leaders are challenging all South Africans to join the Citizens Charter and to give only four hours a month to create a South Africa that we can all enjoy.

Government is not going to be able to solve all our problems

South Africans have a collaborative spirit and most of us have realised that the government is not going to be able to solve all of the problems we face.

Many current and retired CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders would like to make a positive contribution to our country. When considering how to give back while utilising their precious four hours wisely, they donâ??t always know where to begin.

Help improve the quality of education in South Africa

There are currently 186 business leaders from more than 70 organisations across the business sector who are making a significant difference in improving the quality of education in South Africa.

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Share your knowledge and skills with school principals and management

The business leader becomes a learning and implementation partner to a school principal. Since most principals are not properly equipped for the task of leading the enormous social change required at their schools, this partnership affords the business leader the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with the principal and school management team.

The business leader becomes a learning and implementation partner to a school principal

Despite what we assume, they are enthusiastic to learn and lead the change in their schools and communities.

The benefits of the programme are also reciprocal as the business leaders have reported how inspired they are by the calibre of school principals in our schools.

Educating our children is one of the most important jobs in the country

It is through the process of having learnt the skill of engaging with communities outside their normal social parameters, which they have then been able to apply in the workplace.

They have also been astounded by how principals have been expected to learn on the job through trial and error and with very little guidance and support in what must surely be one of the most important jobs anyone can have in South Africa, that of educating our children.

Emphasis on partnership between business leader and principal

The emphasis is on the partnership between the business leader and the principal with the anticipation that they will support and learn from each other.

The Partners for Possibility Programme is being acknowledged as an innovative CSI, leadership development, educational reform and principal support because it is not a coaching or mentoring process.

Not a coaching or mentoring process

Business leaders participating in the programme have said they have learned more from being a partner to a principal than they ever learnt from attending a course at a business school.

The programme is structured as a leadership development programme and carries a NQF level 6, programme accreditation, with the University of the Western Cape.


Jennifer Taylor, FNB

“In 2011, I met Louise and my life changed forever. I signed up to be a Partner for Possibility (PfP) because I was looking for something different from the typical leadership development programmes on offer. I wanted to learn real, practical, useful skills that would translate into change in my workplace. I was also looking to make a contribution to South African society; to do something purposeful as an active citizen. This programme offered me both, and is unique and special as a result.”

Chantal Du Chenne, Vodacom

“I am now what I consider to be a more fully-fledged South African. Having worked in the community of Alexandra, I more thoroughly appreciate the complexities of the education crisis and what is required of every South African to be part of the solution. The future of this country is in the hands of every South African. A Couch potato rebel movement is required! Do anything, but do something! There is much to be done. We need to be courageous and overcome the barriers that divide our communities. The PfP programme is a powerful conduit, a bridge for uniting divided communities of South Africans. When we begin to acknowledge that we are more connected in our humanness than we are separated by our differences, we realise the power of recognising every South African as an integral part of the richness of our unique South African community experience.â?


Trevor Manuel

â??The National Development Plan is all about different parts of society working with government to increase capacity. The Partners for Possibility Programme is exactly what is needed to make the NDP real and take our education forward. I commend the initiative for what it is does for education. But I also commend the initiative for how it develops business people and gets them into communities those business people would not necessarily get involved with. That has to help nation building as well. Well done PfP.â?

Professor Jonathan Jansen

“I challenge every company concerned with the future skills set of high school graduates to join the Partners for Possibility Programme in linking Principals and Corporate Leaders in making schools better now but, also in improving our economic futures later.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“I am always moved by the number of people who are engaged in wonderful acts of transformation, of making a real difference in the world. When each of us does something good â?? where we are â?? it’s these acts of goodness that together overwhelm darkness and change the world.

I warmly commend Symphonia for South Africa for bringing together citizens committed to building our country through education â?? such as in the Partners for Possibility Programme. God bless you!â?

Wendy Luhabe

â??In a world where there is a chronic leadership vacuum and pockets of excellence, I am inspired by this home-grown, innovative and sustainable solution which places education at the centre of community. We invite you to join us in creating new possibilities, new partnerships, collaborative and experiential approaches for leadership development in a changing environment that requires a new intelligence.

This is essential for us to leapfrog South Africa to realize her full potential.�

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