When it comes to creating a gallery wall, ideas are plentiful

Here are a few ideas and tips from Inspired Design’s interior design team.

Bedroom beauties 

On the wall at the head of the bed, you could opt for one large canvas print or a number of framed images.

Enhance the soothing atmosphere of a bedroom with framed images of personal memories or calming images.

“I would suggest keeping the frame colour the same and have images of [different] sizes that come/fit together like a puzzle,” says Francois Steyn, Inspired Design general manager.  

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Lovely living room looks

The dining room and lounge are the busiest spaces and should therefore receive the most attention.

In the dining area, create a gallery on the wall that is near the end of the short end of a long table or opposite the window/s.

Make an entrance 

The kind of art to be hung in an entrance hall depends on the size of the area.

If the space is narrow and small, use mirrors to help reflect light and open up the space. A large landscape artwork can also work to add dimension to a small entrance hall as it draws a visitor’s eye into the scene.

In a large foyer, you could create a wall of clustered family images. However, bear in mind that when selling your home, it is best to remove all personal photographs and replace them with landscape and still-life images in order to allow potential buyers to look at the house objectively.

Gallery wall arrangement ideas

Here are a few options for gallery wall arrangements:

  • Cluster photo arrangements: Arrange framed photos together. To ensure a cohesive look use images with a similar theme or colour scheme, like all black-and-white photos, for example.
  • Create a wall story: Incorporate photos, canvases and framed art in one gallery wall arrangement. You could include items like wooden letters and clocks to create interest and tell a story.
  • Go for glass wall art: You could group mirrors or art created with glass for another take on the gallery wall. Remember, glass wall art can be heavy so it needs to be installed with extra care.

For more ideas or to get images professionally framed, contact the Umhlanga based team at Inspired Design on 087 351 3360.