Yardstick: A standard used to judge the quality, value or success of something

My roller-coaster in the amusement park that is my life was working overtime and only now is starting to trundle a little smoother and quieter. Serenity eluded me for a while, as I had to fumble through all the unanswered questions in my life of late.

The burdens I carried kept me blinded, captured in a ten metre high concrete prison. I was unable to see the beauty that surrounds us. Thankfully I was awakened from that darkness by the awesome beauty of ‘my little avenue’ and I have found a quote that moved me into writing at last!

Letâ??s talk of tangibles: We build ourselves beautiful expensive homes in which to live, we drive posh cars, dress ourselves in designer clothesâ?¦

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“We make walls, floor, roof, doors and windows for a room. But it is the empty space within that makes the room liveable. Thus, while the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that makes it useful.â? – Tao Te Jing by Lao Tsu

Are these things meant to quench your thirst for greed or power?

Are they the trophy on your mantelpiece that hides your low self-esteem?

Do you endeavour to explore all your ideas, theories, methods and strategies, formulate magnificent plans and strive towards your tangible goals?

When you think you have achieved everything do you stand back and discover that what you thought you wanted does not seem to satisfy? Arriving at that point in your life is very frustrating!

Many of you stand in judgement of others – what they have, what they earn, what they do – these are the yardsticks by which you measure their worth.

I have a secret to tell you…the clothes do not make the man

Yes, let me not deny that your armour, troops, castles and chariots do make life easier or less complicated, but it is what you cannot touch that counts in the end.

We cannot identify ourselves by what we have – nor should we

We should at times shift our focus to the intangible. We still have only ourselves, our inner core to live with. Is yours wholesome right the way through?

  • Are you making time to be focused and in tune with your children – teaching and in turn learning about love and selflessness?

  • Do you appreciate your spouse or significant other – investing and in turn reaping the benefits of a beautiful and workable relationship?

  • Are your friends loving, accepting and supportive of you because you are giving same to them?

  • Have you looked inside your own soul and seen what a magnificent creature you are – loving yourself so you are able to love others?

  • Do you remember to balance your life – with fairness in all respects – so you become someone who can ride the waves with ease?

  • Are you taking time to see, recognise and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings – white clouds in the azure sky…the aroma of the rain as it cascades down your windows washing the dust from the atmosphere…the different colours presented on the horizon…the happy canine that bounds towards you when you open the door…the chirping or cacophony of the birds in your garden in the morning…the sound of the mower and the smell of freshly cut grass?

If you can find time to rest your spirit, mind and soul in the spaces between your striving to gather all the worldly goods, you will see that your perception morphs

By filling our lives with more ‘intangibles’ it might just equip us with a whole sense of being and purpose in life.

Somehow filling our souls with joy, peace, serenity, love, hope and appreciation, the ‘tangibles’ depreciate, meaning that we place less value or pride in what we have and more in who we become and what we experience.

As always I welcome your comments. Please pop into my website and have a read!

Light and love