Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2021 at 05:45 pm

Dining on curry and baked apples could play a role staving off – or even preventing – prostate cancer…

Several natural compounds found in food, including turmeric, apple peels and red grapes could thwart the growth of prostate cancer.

This is according to new research from The University of Texas at Austin.

“After screening a natural compound library, we developed an unbiased look at combinations of nutrients that have a better effect on prostate cancer than existing drugs,” says corresponding author Stefano Tiziani, assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dell Pediatric Research Institute at UT Austin.

“The beauty of this study is that we were able to inhibit tumour growth in mice without toxicity.”

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Minimising cancer risk

Some cancer research has highlighted the potential therapies found in plants, including chemicals found in foods such as turmeric, apple peels and green tea.

These compounds minimise one of the risk factors for cancer – inflammation within the body.

People who have chronic inflammation because of chronic infection, autoimmune disease or conditions such as obesity have a higher cancer risk because of damage to normal cells.

“These nutrients have potential anti-cancer properties and are readily available,” says Tiziani. “We only need to increase concentration beyond levels found in a healthy diet for an effect on prostate cancer cells.”

Source: University of Texas at Austin via

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