Many humans are just existing

Yes, just existing! Aimlessly getting through each day for what it is. Nothing seems to inspire them nor do they want to be inspired actually.

I wonder why this is so. It is a foreign concept to me, maybe the readers can shed light on a facet of life that I am not exposed to. I have had very few days in my life where I have just existed, just sailed aimlessly through a day or week. I have always had something to do that has inspired and moved me to create something new and exciting.

Come alive: To be animated, lively, full of life, active, alert, energetic, sprightly, exuberant, ebullient

â??Donâ??t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come aliveâ?â?? Howard Thurman

I have written about the concept of being in the moment â?? the here and now â?? and how this is key to savouring each day and experiencing joy and serenity while striving towards your goals and aspirations. This is completely opposite to just existing.

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We are sometimes too scared to try something new for fear of failure

Yet how will we know whether it will be good or bad, beneficial or detrimental, exciting or boring if we donâ??t try?

Who of you, when still little, wanted a bicycle? I certainly did but was never privileged to have one of my own. That didnâ??t stop me from wanting to ride.

My best friend had one and the first time I stood next to it I was filled with awe and so excited but I had no clue what to do. Sitting on the saddle, feet on the ground felt great, feet on the pedals and trying to balance while moving was another story â?? I was petrified. Over I fell, got up and tried again â?? bruised and battered and still afraid.

The whole affair was an experience which initiated a passion in my life. I loved being on two wheels. Till today it is something that makes me come alive! If I had given into my fears, I would have never discovered what makes me feel exhilarated!

I want you to think about what it is that makes you come alive

What do you absolutely love doing? Is there an activity that you do when time seems to stand still and when you next look up, hours have passed without you noticing?

What makes you feel like you have accomplished something? Is there an activity that has you excited about waking up every morning? What do you do that inspires you to be more, do more?

What about an idea that has pricked your interest that you have always thought about doing but are too scared to attempt?

This weekend I suggest that you tackle that fear head-on and get about trying it. This may be a new chapter which may change your zest for life forever! Do a little introspection today and tell me if you have come alive. Are you plodding along or are you enjoying your life to the fullest?

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Love and light