How are you coping with the conflict between work and home?

Doing fine? Got it covered? Of do you battle? How stressed do you feel, when, for example, you are doing something urgent for the boss, and your kid’s school phones and says “Little Jill” or “Little Freddie” is sick and needs to be collected NOW?

Or when “hubby” or partner or friend comes home and wants to put feet up and relax after a busy/stressful day?

Do you yell (or probably think) “WHAT ABOUT MY DAY?”

Or do you have it all sorted and under control?

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Are many of our readers battling to find a good (and relatively stress-free) balance between work and home? If so, some “work-home balance” tips and articles might be in order!

Please guide us by ticking the most appropriate box in the poll below. Your answer will help help guide us in choosing relevant and useful articles to publish.