Last updated on Jun 17th, 2021 at 12:44 pm

Rolene Strauss has to have one of the cutest gym buddies we have ever laid eyes on

The former Miss World’s four-month-old baby tagged along for one of her workout sessions this week, and she couldn’t resist sharing an adorable snap of her son.

Rolene strapped the tot into a baby carrier, and continued her fitness routine as usual.

Talk about mommy goals!

It seems her son enjoyed the workout just as much as she did.

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“When time for bonding and exercise is a mission, why not do it all at once? He loved every minute of it!” she said on Instagram.

It’s the first time the beauty queen has shared a picture of her baby boy’s face. She usually makes sure his little face is well hidden in all her Instagram snaps.

Despite her hectic schedule, Rolene seems to be juggling her new life as a working mom just fine. She describes being a mother as her best title.

“I always thought I knew what was important in life until this one came along… He reminds me that Love and quality time with loved ones make all life’s difficulties seem like nothing at all!” she said shortly after her son was born.

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