There has never been a better time to be a South African entertainer because opportunities are cropping up in every direction. You don’t even need to be in Mzansi to ‘make it’ anymore.

These days, we’re discovering starlets overseas before they even blow up back home! The latest actress to appear on the international radar is Johannesburg-born talent, Tayla Schaffner.

Although her name is still new to most South Africans, Tayla has been training as an actress since she was 10. Her CV boasts some incredible qualifications, including certification from the New York Film Academy.

If her credentials are impressive, then her achievements, at the age of 21 are simply remarkable. Tayla’s most recent feature film, titled When it rains is already winning awards at international film festivals. Tayla starred as the film’s lead character, Lila, and has seen it win ‘Best Drama Short’ at the recent Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

Here is a full list of awards and nominations that the film has received so far:

  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – nominated and won ‘Best Drama Short’
  • Best Shorts Competition – nominated and won ‘Award of Recognition’
  • Los Angeles Film Awards – official selection/nominated and won ‘Honorable Mention: Student Film’
  • United International Film Festival – official selection and won ‘Award of Merit’
  • The IndieFEST Film Awards – nominated and won, ‘Award of Recognition’
  • Los Angeles Movie Awards – nominated and won ‘Honorable Mention’
  • Los Angeles Cinefest – nominated and semi-finalist
  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – official selection/nominated and semi-finalist

Do you think we’ll be seeing Tayla at the biggest film awards in the near future?