Not all of us can make an impact on the world like Mandela did

The reality is that not all of us can make the impact on the world that Mandela did, not all of us will achieve the level of leadership that he did, or even get remotely close.

It is, however, undeniable that each one of us wants to leave a mark of some sort when we kiss the land of the living goodbye.

Many of us wonder about our purpose, we wonder about what we want to do, and who we want to be. My suggestion is this: stop wondering!

There are very few of us who know our purpose, or ever will. Most of us have many smaller purposes that we get to fulfill at different stages of our lives.

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What we need to establish is what drives us

Here is the question: if there were to be a biography on your life, what section of the bookstore would you like the book to appear in?

Find the answer to that and you are halfway there.

The answer to that question should expose your passion

The answer to that question should link up to what you really love. The answer to that question holds what really drives you. The answer to that question is what you should focus on.

Mandelaâ??s success and mark on the world was driven by his passion for change, for fairness, for democracy and for freedom

Mandelaâ??s success and mark on the world was driven by his passion for change, for fairness, for democracy and for freedom. Without his passion for those things, he would have had no drive, and he certainly would not have achieved what he did.

If you would want the biography of your life to be found in the travel section of the bookstore, and you are working as an accountant, your work is in all likelihood a drag, you are probably quite unmotivated to get out of bed in the mornings and you probably wonâ??t do anything extraordinary in your work.

I used that by way of example, but understand that that which drives you wonâ??t always manifest itself in your work, your work may simply be a means to an end for you, and that is ok.

The trick is that once you accept that, it all becomes a little easier. You take the pressure off, and you begin making more room in your life for the things that really matter to you.

Once you figure out what it is that drives you, the pieces of your puzzle will begin falling into place.

This is purely because you will be more conscious of what to look for, you will begin thinking a little differently, and you will choose your opportunities differently.

Your driving force doesn’t have to be your career

That which drives you doesnâ??t have to be a careerâ?¦ it can be your children, or your health, or your relationship with your partner.

By identifying what it is, you will simply begin applying your energy to things that energise you mentally and emotionally and, as a result, begin living a life that is more fulfilling and one of which you are proud.

Through this process, remember that nothing happens overnight, so be patient, and enjoy watching your world unfold.