Bonang Matheba is one of South Africa’s most successful entertainers

Queen B has been making a name for herself since the age of 15, and at 29 has paid off her house, drives a Mercedes, and travels the globe first class.

Being Bonang, as her new reality show is called, is not easy. Bonang has made no secret of the fact that it has taken hard work to get where she is, and she has had a few challenges along the way.

But Bonang has overcome all of her obstacles with grace and sheer determination.

Here are her secrets of success

Set goals

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Bonang stresses the importance of setting goals. She says you can’t get where you want to be, without being clear about the path you will take to get there.

“It’s soul-crushing to just do things for the sake of doing without purpose or guidance. Always write everything down in detail and use it as a reference point every now and then. I have a giant board at home with handwritten notes, visuals and a calendar to help me stay on track when it comes to my dreams,” she said on her website earlier this year.