On Thursday morning Sergeant Jonathan Oliphant of the police’s criminal records centre, told the Western Cape High Court that he found 53 prints at 12 Goske Street…

They included those of the family, two domestic workers, a gardener, and Marli’s ex-boyfriend James Reade-Jahn. The others were unidentifiable.

Henri Van Breda’s right thumb print was found on the blade of the knife. Two other prints were found on the knife but were not identified. Defence counsel Piet Botha questioned how Van Breda’s fingerprints could have ended up the knife, suggesting that it happened during his alleged scuffle with the attacker. Oliphant declined to speculate though.

No prints were found on the axe handle that the killer is alleged to have used in the attack on Martin‚ Rudi‚ Teresa and Marli van Breda.

Oliphant said that he checked the boundary wall for prints with his naked eye, with a special light and by spraying a chemical to pick up prints. He found no prints or signs of activity. Defence counsel asked if an attacker wearing gloves could have jumped over the wall without leaving prints.

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Oliphant replied that this could be possible.