Do you or a loved one suffer allergies? Good air quality can help a lot. Here are a few ways you can improve the air in your home…

Control humidity

Whether the atmosphere is too dry or too wet, humidity can create breathing difficulties.

Air that’s too dry hurts delicate mucus membranes, where humidity above 50% can make breathing difficult for asthmatics as well as encourage mould growth around the home.

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Use a door mat

Yes, something this simple helps.

The less dust that enters the house, the less there is to irritate breathing.

Try and keep windows and doors shut when you aren’t home, too, to reduce the amount of dust that blows in from the outside.

Clean air conditioners and ducts

We often forget that these air cleaners need servicing themselves.

Make sure that filters and other parts are cleaned at least twice a year, to cut down on dust, lengthen the lifespan of the machinery and make sure the filters are working at the utmost efficiency.

Fans, too, are huge dust traps.

Clean air makes a big difference for allergy suffers, so take these simple steps to help.