We all know how bad sugar is for our health and our waistlines, and we take certain precautions to avoid having too much of it, but are we cutting out the right foods? You could be surprised to find which foods, usually considered good for you, are filled with hidden sweeteners.

Take wholegrain bread, for example. It is commonly plugged as being heart-healthy, but if you don’t check the label carefully you could be buying bread loaded with sugar. The first ingredient on the label should always be wholewheat flour, and only a small amount of sugar should be present to activate the yeast.

Be sure to check not only the ingredients, but the nutritional information too. The recommended amount of added sugars you should have in a day is nine teaspoons for men and six teaspoons for women.

We’ve found nine other foods which are touted as ‘healthy’ choices, but which contain a surprising amount of sugar. Read on…

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