Baby wipes

Not just for babies! We all know scrubbing with soap and water is the best way to stay clean, but little ones tend to forget.

Have a dispenser of baby wipes at hand, and encourage them to remember to wipe sticky fingers when they’re done playing.

This saves your furnishings as well as installs good habits for the future.

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Sort by room

Does your kitchen or entrance hall end up looking like something has exploded?

That’s because we all – kids and parents alike – tend to dump everything there.

You can make your life considerably easier by encouraging people to ‘sort’ by room – schoolwork on the homework table, dirty clothes in the bathroom, important notices in the kitchen.

Sure, there’ll still be a bit of clutter, but tidying up will be a ton easier if you don’t have to schlep everything to the right rooms.

Let them cook

Cooking with little ones doesn’t have to be a chore, and it instills great habits for the future. Rather let them help with age-suitable tasks, and they’ll never be that college freshman who can’t boil water.

Instilling good habits in kids starts at home – and needn’t be a chore for you.