Do you find that you have so much creativity but not enough time? Do you make the best of what you do best?…

What are you able to do that brings forth that spring of ingenuity, creativity, motivation, capability? What do you do well? What is it that you are passionate about, love doing?
Ability: a natural tendency to do something successfully or well, a particular gift for doing something well. A talent.
There are so many talented people in our midst and Iâ??m sure that if you have a quick think you will be able to name at least five. What if I were to tell you that there are many more, in fact we are all talented at something?
Where do we find it, and how do we know it when we see it? Ah, here is crux of the matter! It stares us all in the face and even though we keep looking for it, we seem to never find it. Why? It is because it is not found outside oneâ??s self, it is within! We are looking in the wrong place!
Ability is:
To kick or bat a ball well. To jump, spin and dance to entertain. To look at a blank page and write a poem. To believe when everyone elseâ??s faith is wavering. To teach another because you have learned. To run with a project from start to finish. To face your fear and come up victorious. To enter a room full of strangers and come out with a friend. To be smart at school or university. To find a way of learning that works best for you.
To admit you are wrong, apologise and fix the relationship. To fall down and get back up again time after time. To lose everything and everybody important to you and make a new start. To encourage others. To go the extra mile to get the job done. To see a piano and play beautiful music. To mix ingredients and make delicious meals.
If we all have ability within, can we lose it?
For sure! We lose it if we donâ??t use it! The biggest enemy is indifference or apathy as it stifles and supresses our abilities or talents. If we never try to do something new how will we know if we can? If we refuse to grow and expand life can pass us by. If we are lazy and refuse to bend a little more, try a little harder, score a little higher, pick up the pieces and do it again, our lives will only become retarded.
Let’s make a point this weekend to look inside ourselves and find those things we are good at

Make the effort to perhaps refine your golf game, to conquer that recipe, to work a little harder at studies or do something you are afraid to do.
When we tap into our abilities we enlighten our lives!

We are enriched when we do things we love and are good at. I love playing the piano, yes I get frustrated when I cannot perfect a piece and I have to practise over and over again, but when I finally get it right… what a feeling! Wow, YES I CAN is the phrase that comes to mind!
Get empowered to be the best you can be this weekend! Please pop into my website at and have a read!
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Love and Light

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