Reading and writing are the essence of our tantalising sensation of new-age thinking.

We are a new generation, with profound theories and concepts, but our modern technology is what conceals the sheer delight of putting pen to paper.

It is a voluptuous pleasure hidden behind conformed steel plates called media and social networking. These blockages change our way of grasping new information. Our delicate imagination, ruined!

In earlier generations, reading and writing was a norm

Nowadays, it is neither a norm nor a conspicuous choice.

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Modern technology has become a plague to local libraries. It has caused them to become a dying concept. Why read when you have Google?

Internet could possibly be one of the greatest inventions, but would it be better than reading a classic novel? Many young people read only because they are forced to, as part of their school requirements.

I don’t believe popular social networks like Facebook or Blackberry Messenger are ‘society killers’, but youth should also read a book every now and then.

When we read a book, we gain knowledge and understanding

We could even picture ourselves in the story being told. The rhythmic movement and progression of the book widens our imagination and gives useful ways in which we can write creatively.

When you write, your senses come alive, look for inspiration around every corner and under every table. Dig deep into the mind and unlock all potential. Your imagination is limitless. The only thing to fear is running out of ink. 

Reading and writing is a sheer delight

Opportunities are all over, just waiting to be grabbed hot off the shelf. Good writers are waiting to be discovered but it’s the great writers who are out there, discovering themselves! How we choose to conceptualise our writing is in our mind, but where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

That is the excitement of writing, you will never know until you try.