From the creator of Sex and the City (all seasons on Showmax), Darren Star, Younger  is an edgy comedy series that’s so more-ish that you’d better cancel your weekend plans…

Once you start, trust us, you’ll be in for an all-night binge.

What’s it about?

The plot is simple: after getting divorced, 40-something Liza (Sutton Foster) realises the only way to make a success of her life, after decades spent raising her daughter, is to pretend she’s in her 20s.

After all, who’s going to give a job to a 40-year-old with virtually no work experience? Liza is lucky because she has great skin and just manages to scrape by as a 26-year-old (probably one who’s been chain smoking since age 13 though). What happens next is that Liza has to fake it at work, with her new 20-something friends, and her gorgeous 25-year-old lover, Josh.

As the first three seasons progress, her web of deceit becomes increasingly difficult to maintain.

As the first three seasons progress, her web of deceit becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. She’s now in so deep it’s hard to imagine how she’ll ever manage to untangle all her lies. Especially as her daughter is back from India and her older boss (although not really that old) seems to be finding her a little too intriguing.

Why watch it?

At first view, Younger seems frivolous, but among all the fun and games, it reveals just how hard it is for women to age and remain relevant in a culture that praises youth and beauty above all else. It features excellent dialogue, it’s delightfully fast paced and the story will keep you engaged all the way through.

Add a fabulous cast including Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar and Nico Tortorella and you’ve got one of the most irresistible comedies on TV.

There’s something about Younger that even obliterates my point of view, as far as ageism and how I look at the younger generation and the older generation. It evens the playing field. Before, maybe I would have thought X, Y and Z, but now I’m like, “You know what, we’re all just trying to figure things out here.” That’s what’s been so great about the show, for me personally, and I hope that might be one of the things it’s doing for audience members too. – Sutton Foster in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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