Passion is defined as having or being compelled by intense emotion; a strong fondness or enthusiasm. It is a stirring and excitement within that possesses your being in a euphoric state whilst creating a feeling of connectedness with yourself and an assurance that you are following your life’s path.
Passion is what propels you forward each and every day, each and every moment, and gives you the strength to discover and pursue all that inspires you.
1.  Create an inspiration board
Make some use of those outdated magazines you may have lying around the house and start cutting out whatever images stand out to you and fuel your passion.
It may be a certain word, such as “Fire” or “Vision”, or an image of a woman standing on a mountain top. Whatever you find interesting and inspiring, cut it out and start to arrange those images on a board.
Make a list of your goals and visions for your future, and pin the list to your inspiration board.
2.  Step outside your comfort zone
When something makes us uncomfortable, it is usually that something from which we would grow, develop and learn the most. Think of it as the beckoning of the spirit. What could you learn from this â?? if you dared?
Try something new. You look up at that dance studio every day on your way to work â?? so why not sign up for a class? There are certain things that are meant to peak our interest â?? and it may be the door way to discovering your passion.
3.  Stroll down memory lane
Look at old photographs of yourself when you were a child and talk to your family about times gone by. What moment captured strikes a chord within you? What are your familyâ??s fondest memories of you? Passion often lies in the past.
4.  Volunteer â?? get involved
There is nothing that stirs up the passion within more than giving back, and there are so many opportunities to do so. Find an opportunity that interests you and offer up your talents.
5.  Use your gifts and talents to find a passion in life
We are all blessed with the ability to do something exceedingly well and to withhold it is to withhold your light from the world. Whether you have a niche for writing, art, photography, or gardening â?? use your gift. Your passion could stir up passion in someone else.
More tips …
Take some time to look within. Itâ??s good to search outside ourselves for fulfilment and satisfaction, but the answers might be right there inside our heart.
Take advantage of your freedom. This is especially meant for those without partners or children. Embrace your freedom and use this time to pursue the passions you might not otherwise have had the time to invest in.
Passions shouldn’t be forced or controlled. Passion stems from something that interests and inspires you, and needs to be spontaneous and even unexpected.

Finding your passion in life may well be a gateway to blissful happiness and fulfilment. If you donâ??t open yourself up to possibilities to find your passion, how will you ever know what could lie ahead.
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