Last updated on Jun 17th, 2021 at 04:12 pm

Do you have some extra material lying around at home? Make small beanbags, so you can play these fun games with your little one…

Beanbag games are great for developing your child’s gross motor skills, and most toddlers find it easier to handle a bean bag than a ball.

Make your own beanbags

Make your own beanbags by sewing squares of scrap material together and filling them with dried beans or corn for heavier beanbags, or with fabric stuffing for lighter ones. You can also buy beanbags online from if you don’t feel like making your own.

Your toddler will love these fun games:

Beanbag tic-tac-toe

Create a grid on the floor using masking tape or chalk. Give your child one set of beanbags and you use the other. Now take turns tossing them into the grid until one of you has created a line.

Beanbag toss

Help your child learn his colours by painting paper plates in different colours and then calling out the colours as your child tries to toss the beanbag on to the correct plate. You can do the same with numbers.

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Beanbag bowling

Label 10 plastic cups or plastic bottles with numbers from one to 10, and stack them in front of each other in a triangle shape (one in the front, two in the second row, three in the third row and four in the fourth row). Use the beanbag as the bowling ball and let your toddler try to knock down the cups or bottles – you can fill them with sand if you want to make the game a little harder.