Being creative can help you to have a more informed, literate, inventive and interesting personality. Here are 10 useful guidelines as to how to develop and enhance your creativity.

1.  Be dependent on yourself, rather than on others

Don’t take this to mean that you should disobey your superiors â?? just start learning to think about and accomplish basic tasks on your own. This can be a little tough if you try to do it all at once. Start small, and work on becoming more independent and creative each day.

2.  Read to develop and enhance your creativity

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Read well-written literature, well-researched articles, and good quality newspapers. Reading broadens your mind and vocabulary thereby allowing you to express yourself well and write creatively.

3.  Be creative at work and play

Itâ??s important to be creative at work, but for a balanced and creative brain function, itâ??s also necessary to be creative in your free time. Try activities such as painting, drawing, design, sculpture, or writing.

4.  Keep thinking on ways to develop and enhance your creativity

Try to designate some quiet time each day purely for thinking. Consider some form of meditation or yoga to help with the thinking process. Situations such as travelling in a vehicle or waiting in a queue also give you plenty of free time that you can use just to think.

5.  Learn a new language

Learning a new language broadens your horizons beyond that which you have known previously. Learning any new language will help to develop and enhance your creativity.

6.  Train yourself not to lose control of your emotions

This is an important and creative step in taking responsibility for your behaviour. Practice trains you to find alternative ways to express anger, disappointment or frustration in a more positive and creative manner.

7.  Get a good night’s sleep

Your brain needs plenty of rest (around eight hours for an adult) to assess and assimilate everything it learns throughout the day. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep will keep you alert, which in turn, will help to enhance your creativity.

8.  Utilize your goals and dreams in an effective manner

Set goals for yourself â?? think about things you have always wanted to accomplish, and work towards them. Make a list of your goals and dreams. This will give focus to your creativity.

9.  Enjoy life

While there is no need to be decadent, the purpose of this article is to improve your life experience by improving your creativity. These are only guidelines, so if you need to alter these guidelines to suit your own personality, that, in itself, is a creative move!

10.  Try not to criticise

Try not criticise other people’s personalities â?? however different in goals and ethics from your own. No one has any right to claim that one personality is â??betterâ?? than another.