One of the best ways to promote good Karma in your life is to improve your overall sense of wellbeing – here’s how to do just that…

Karma is the concept of â??actionâ?? that arises from Indian religions (mostly Hinduism and Buddhism) and is believed to be the source of the cyclical process of cause-and-effect.

Essentially, people create their own happiness or misery through good or bad actions. Goodness begets happiness, while badness begets misery. 

Similar concepts exist around the world; in Western countries, sayings like â??what goes around comes aroundâ? and â??you reap what you sowâ? express similar meaning to Karma.

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Many people desire positive Karma to achieve overall wellbeing 

Wellbeing is defined as a contented emotional state of being happy, healthy, and satisfied with oneâ??s life. People with high wellbeing tend to live longer, more fulfilling lives, and experience better interpersonal relationships. 

Achieving wellbeing can be elusive, however, as evidenced by the numerous self-help books that are available on the topic. The advice provided in most of these books goes something like this: To obtain wellbeing you should 1. work on loving yourself and, 2. do kind things for others. In other words, if you can promote more positive Karma in your life, your emotional state will improve.

In a world of constantly evolving stressors and pressures, creating positive Karma is easier said than done

Yet, the field of positive psychology is now offering advice and techniques on how to do just that. Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of the positive psychology movement and author of the book Flourish, claims that peopleâ??s wellbeing can be promoted through concentrating on the five pillars of positive psychology, namely Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA). According to Dr. Seligman, focusing on PERMA helps people flourish.  

  • Positive emotion refers to emotions that foster feelings of joy, for example, comfort, happiness, and ecstasy. To flourish, people should try to participate in activities that engender these positive emotions. 

  • Engagement, on the other hand, involves engrossing oneself in pleasant activities. When people become deeply engaged in an activity, they can become immersed and lose track of time. 

  • Relationships promote flourishing because of the importance of interpersonal connections in peopleâ??s lives. Humans are a social species and a lack of interpersonal connections often creates feelings of loneliness and helps explain why extreme isolation can be used as a form of torture. 

  • Meaning refers to working to serve a bigger purpose than just oneself and trying to make the world a better place. 

  • Lastly, Accomplishment fosters life satisfaction as people master and achieve the goals they set for themselves.   

To determine whether you are flourishing, you can visit the positive psychology website. On this website you can find validated and widely-used questionnaires such as the Compassionate Love Scale, which measures the tendency to support, help, and understand other people (e.g., It is easy for me to feel the pain (and joy) experienced by others, even though I do not know them); the General Happiness Questionnaire, which assesses enduring happiness (e.g., Compared to most of my peers, I consider myself happy); and the Grit Survey, which measures the character trait of perseverance (e.g., Failure doubles my motivation to succeed). All of these questionnaires can be answered and scored online, so you can get an idea of how much you are flourishing in relation to others. It also provides activities to help increase flourishing.

In sum, people can achieve positive Karma by loving themselves and doing well by others. In other words, by promoting their own wellbeing, people bring more positive Karma onto themselves. So keep it simple: if you want to keep your Karma positive, flourish.  


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