It’s fine to talk to yourself, but make sure that you are not filling your mind with negative and critical thoughts.
There is a standard joke that says: â??Talking to yourself is the first sign of madnessâ?. But in actual fact we all talk to ourselves all the time, just not aloud, our mind is constantly chattering away to us in a constant stream of thoughts, ideas, observations and opinions.
Sometimes the voice is so insistent it keeps us awake at night.

We are quicker to beat ourselves up than to congratulate or appreciate ourselves

The good news is that this is normal but the sad thing is that this voice is often negative and critical, berating and criticizing us rather than building us up. We are quicker to beat ourselves up than to congratulate or appreciate ourselves. We need to be our own greatest admirer.
Each of us is completely unique, never before and never again will there be an individual just like you. When we celebrate the unique being that we are we begin to see ourselves as a gift. Why? ‘Coz God donâ??t make junk. 
When we are told to appreciate our blessings we look outside ourselves instead of recognizing the blessing that we are to the world. Remember, we each have specific talents, unique abilities, interests and the desire to accomplish wonderful things.
Letâ??s appreciate who we are and get excited about our possibilities. Life is a gift to us and we are a gift to life.
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