The modern woman is often expected to â??do it allâ?: be a supportive wife; run the household; take responsibility for the kids; have a successful career; be financially supportive, and on top of all this, still maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The stress caused by all these responsibilities can be too demanding, draining your emotional and physical strength and putting strain on your personal relationships.

While the idea of â??doing it allâ? can be daunting, you ARE up for the challenge

Women are known to be excellent at multitasking, and all you need to do to cope with the demands of daily life is to make the most of your inherent skills.
Focus on these seven steps, and before you know it, you will find yourself thriving, flourishing and en route to the perfectly balanced you!

1.    Get your priorities straight

Make a to-do list and order your daily tasks according to priority. Set reminders to check your tasks and tick them off as they are completed. This will not only help you plan your day, but it will boost your morale, as nothing feels more rewarding than ticking off a completed task.

2.    Manage your time

This step goes hand in hand with prioritising your tasks. As a busy mother, career woman and a wife, time can either be your most valuable asset or a constant hindrance. Managing your time cleverly will help you get the most out of your day.

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If you succeed at managing your time, you will find that there is enough time in your day to complete all your tasks, and even have a moment to spare for a tall glass of red wine.

3.    Let go

We are so anxious to not disappoint that we take it upon ourselves to do everything. Remind yourself that itâ??s okay to ask for help when you need it.

Donâ??t always feel you have to make dinner. There are other options that will save you time. For instance, buy a ready-made meal or ask your partner to help out with your tasks.

Donâ??t wait until itâ??s too late! Asking for help, sharing the load and delegating tasks are skills that will help you stay in control of your life.

4.    Make sure you have enough â??meâ? time

Everyone needs to take some time to unwind. Try to take a little time each day to relax, even if itâ??s to enjoy a cup of tea. Taking time to look after yourself and fulfill your needs will help you manage your stress.

You can even consider a weekend devoted to you â?? ask your family for a little exclusive â??meâ? time to reflect on your responsibilities and needs.

5.    Support is key

A support system is essential to help you cope with your responsibilities. When you feel youâ??ve had enough, it helps to know that there is always someone that has your back, someone who will happily give you a shoulder to cry on or will simply offer to fetch the kids from school whenever you need a little break.

Make time to build relationships and keep in touch with family and friends to strengthen your support system.

6.    Staying healthy IS important

A healthy lifestyle is the most important step to a happier and more balanced you. Take great care to look after yourself; after all, there is only one you. Have regular medical check-ups, eat healthily, drink enough water, exercise and apply sunscreen every day.

7.    Striving for fulfillment

Nothing is more satisfying than pursuing a passion or achieving your personal goals. Whether you want to further your career, learn the skills to start your own business or write a novel, finding the time to better yourself can be a challenge.

Online learning makes it easier to gain new skills and to fit into your busy schedule. Leading online education company, GetSmarter, works together with the University of Cape Town and industry experts to present more than 25 online short courses to busy professionals throughout South Africa. View their course portfolio at

You are your lifeâ??s work, so make the best of who you are!

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