Here are 10 reasons to look forward to your 50s and beyond.

Society tends to fight against the notion of aging, but what many of us realize as it starts to happen to us is that itâ??s not necessarily as bad as it sounds. 

Aging can have its merits too; itâ??s all about what you make of it.  In fact, there are many cultures where age is embraced and elders are respected and valued for the wisdom they have accumulated over the years. So donâ??t cringe at the thought of getting older.

Here are 10 reasons to look forward to your 50s and beyond:

1. By your 50s, you no longer have to worry about being â??over the hillâ?…you can now relax and enjoy the valley on the other side!  The journeyâ??s not that scary unless you make it that way.

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2. You have enough experience under your belt to truly appreciate life.   Now you can savour every moment instead of rushing to get as much done as you can.

3. Peer pressure is a thing of the past. You donâ??t have to worry about anyoneâ??s opinion but your own.  The only person you need to make happy now is yourself.

4. With the responsibilities of your younger days off your back, you can finally let go, truly relax and learn to laugh, even if youâ??re laughing at yourself.

5. That experience youâ??ve accumulated can help you to make better decisions and be confident in your choices.  Youâ??re no longer learning on the job, youâ??re working with what you know.

6. Health is an important factor in your life, but looks are no longer so crucial.  By now youâ??ve accepted yourself and are more comfortable in your own skin…and that makes you more beautiful than ever!

7. Just because youâ??re older doesnâ??t mean you have to stop living…and learning.  Thereâ??s always room for more and now you have the time and patience to put into learning something new.

8. With your career and family in place, you can start focusing more on yourself.  You donâ??t have to worry about achieving, nowâ??s the time to reap the rewards of those achievements.

9. Age brings a keener sense of what really matters in life. Now you can appreciate the important things and forget about the material stuff that seemed so important when you were young. Things come and go, but people and relationships are forever and should be embraced.

10. Most importantly, youâ??ve come to understand just how much you have to offer and being older doesnâ??t mean you arenâ??t able to contribute to the world.  Concentrate on what matters most and make the most of every day you have.

You worked hard to get to this point in your life and you have much to give, so enjoy every moment of it and remember that age is just a number.

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