One of the favourite processes I use to make myself positive and put myself in a good mood is the avalanche of love…
For one minute I list everything in my life that I love: it instantly lifts your spirits and puts you in a positive frame of mind.
Here is mine: I love my family, I love my home, I love my friends, I love my pets, I love the people who work for me, I love my career, I love my talent, I love my warm bed, I love clothes, I love flowers, I love children, I love animals, I love babies, I love laughter, I love hugs, I love adventure, I love fun, I love being happy. I love life.

Choose a topic or a person to avalanche with love

You can even choose a topic or a person to avalanche with love, it intensifies the love you feel for whatever you are focusing on.
When you do an avalanche of love like this you instantly feel amazing. Do it in your car, in the shower, first thing in the morning, last thing at night.
What you focus on expands and, as you create a mood of love, you find yourself seeing it, feeling it, and expressing it all day long.
Listen to your thoughts and if you find them to be negative, reframe them or choose a more positive thought.

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