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The festival season is upon us! A time to celebrate, relax, enjoy time with friends and family and general fun to be had. Right?…..
However some people actually dread this time of the year because it represents a time filled with sadness, maybe they have lost loved ones, self evaluation, or simply loneliness.
Most of us have experienced the holiday blues
Maybe we had some expectations which were not met or due to some emotional crises we may have experienced at that time. Statistically itâ??s been proven that this is a period for depression across the world.
Regardless if this is a religious celebration period for you or simply the holidays youâ??ve been looking forward to – this season has always meant spreading good cheer or joy.
And what is our responsibility to the Whole when it comes to spreading good cheer? We give to others, we give in the form of gifts, helping the poor, supporting a non-profit organization, etc.
Give the gift of love this Christmas
I would like to invite you to take this a step further and consider â??givingâ?? in a more simplistic manner, the way of love.
â??With the force of our love and our will we can change our own destiny and that of many other peopleâ?? â?? An excerpt from Paulo Coelhoâ??s The Valkyries.
Giving of Self is as valuable (depending on the context, sometimes it actually means more) than giving of material things.
When we acknowledge a colleague for their achievements of the past year, when we randomly smile at people, say a kind word to someone, do a kind deed – not only are we making that person feel better, we are spreading the joy of the season.
I recall a few years ago when I recently moved to USA, a family invited me for Thanksgiving dinner. They had a tradition whereby they would invite all â??new peopleâ?? to the area, people who were alone and had nowhere else to go, to come and dine with them.
How beautiful it felt being â??part ofâ?? a family for a day when I was in a new country and far away from my own!
What a wonderful gesture of giving it is to invite someone into your home to be with your family. The message you are sending is that they are in fact â??part of somethingâ?? – not alone in this world and this is priceless for someone who has disconnect from the Whole.
I am by no means suggesting that you stop your charity activities that youâ??ve planned. I am merely inviting you to make an impact of love in someoneâ??s life and hopefully give them a reason to reconnect  to the Whole – to witness the possibilities of love again. Love has no price tag on it, it can be freely given and the more love we give the more we receive.
I wish you all a very joyful festive season and my invitation to you is to spread love and joy consciously this season and impact someone in a positive manner.
Giving each other hope and a feeling of connection for our lives this season.
Happy holidays!

About the author

Marcel Dâ??Allende is a Professional Life Coach and an Accredited Consciousness Coach®.  
Marcel has lived and worked on three continents and in 19 countries and coached women from across the globe to achieve their goals and live exciting lives. Her passion is the empowering and transformation of women to have them live consciously and from the heart.
She currently lives and works between Zanzibar, Tanzania and Cape Town, South Africa.
ZA Phone: +27 76 831 4849 
TZ Phone: +255 777 519 595

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