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Michelle Obama is often considered a classy, stylish and accomplished woman. Here are some tips on how to be inspired by her:
1.  Always put your children first
It is clear to everyone that Ms. Obama does this, and there are few things that are more important in this world. Of all the issues that concern her, Michelle knows that raising her children with love and commitment will give them a better chance at becoming healthy adults. If you have children, helping to make them an asset to humanity surpasses everything else you can do in your life.
2.  Get an education
Ms. Obama graduated from Princeton in 1985, and went on to study law at Harvard Law School. She has always held a very important, high profile and lucrative position. To emulate Michelle, strive to be self-reliant and have a fulfilling career.
If you are in high school, aim for the grades which you feel are achievable for you. If you are older and are not as educated as you would like to be, contact your local university, college, or other tertiary institution, to see how you can broaden your horizons.
3.  Always appear positive and friendly
Ms. Obama always has a ready smile, and is warm, down-to-earth, and friendly to everyone she meets. Consider how her behaviour puts those around her at ease, and emulate this quality of hers to the people with whom you come into contact.
4.  Dress and general appearance
Ms. Obama is notable for her overall attractive, well-groomed appearance and seems to have an innate sense of how to dress for different occasions. When dressing, highlight your attributes. If you need good ideas on how to make the most of your appearance, and the way you dress, consult your well-turned-out friends for advice.

It is important though, to retain your individuality and unique style. If you feel good in an outfit â?? don’t hesitate to wear it â?? even though it might not appeal to the masses.
5. Lifestyle and health
Ms Obama has received much attention by planting an organic garden â?? the first White House vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt served as First Lady during the years 1933-1945. She has also installed beehives on the South Lawn of the White House. These enterprises supply organic produce and honey to the First Family as well as for state dinners and other official gatherings.
After a year as First Lady, Michelle Obama’s goal was to make progress in reversing the 21st century trend of childhood obesity:
“I want to leave something behind so that we can say, ‘Because of this time that this person spent here, this thing has changed.’ And my hope is that that’s going to be in the area of childhood obesity.”
She has named the movement ‘Let’s Move!’
This effort does not supplant her other projects which include helping working women balance career and family, promoting the arts and arts education, and fostering healthy lifestyles for all families across the United States.
6. Finally
Whilst you may admire and wish to emulate Michelle Obama, and adopt some of her principles, it is important to always be an individual in your own right and never stray from your true self.

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