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‘Weight-Loss Reality Check’ is a series of articles dedicated to lifting the lid on some hard truths about weight loss and health. We live in a world where people are allowed to sell the public half-truths as ‘fact’ and this series hopes to reshape your thinking in some of these areas…

REALITY CHECK: Don’t be fooled by the APPEARANCE of dramatic weight loss

Every diet guru manages to produce two things as ‘evidence’ that the diet works amazingly well.

First, a photo of himself/herself looking ‘ripped’ and tanned and muscular. The weird thing about this photo is that these guys all claim the diet is brand new, however they seem to have been in this kind of shape for years. So the question here is, did the diet actually make them look this way?

The second, and maybe more confusing one is before-and-after photos of their ‘guinea pigs’.

The before photo is always of a sad, pasty-white, overweight person with a bad haircut in ugly underwear. If it’s a female then she has no make-up on. The ‘after’ photo displays (ostensibly) the same person, but with a dark brown body (makes you appear thinner), a smiling face (makes you appear happy that you appear thinner), good underwear (makes you appear attractive), a better haircut (again, a marker of increased appeal), and make-up (to contour the face and increase attractiveness).

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The question you must ask here is, ‘If this diet really works, why not present before-and-after photos taken in the same environment?’ Why must the person be made to look miserable in the ‘before’ shot and glamorous in the ‘after’ pic?

I’m not going to try to tell you what to think about this, but I will say that you should consider what they are trying to make you think, and either hand over your money or don’t based on your conclusion.

Take a look at some of these “30-second before-and-after pics” below to give you an idea of how images can be manipulated…

Rather choose a diet that looks like it will suit you and your lifestyle, and that you will be able to stick to in the long term, rather than one that offers dramatic and instant results…


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