Make your own ice-cream bar

It’s pretty easy to make a DIY ice-cream sundae bar.  Gather together some cones and wafer cups, every sprinkle you can imagine (and M&Ms count as sprinkles too!) and some pretty jars and you’re most of the way there. Add a few sauces and some scrumptious ice-cream, and you have a fun sweet after-wors treat.


Or you can keep it warm and cozy with some toasted marshmallow goodness, in a traditional campfire favourite.

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Keeping it healthy

If you’d rather opt for a healthy treat, explore some creative fruit kebabs to make a nutritious and delicious alternative to other sweets. Aim for all the colours of the rainbow!

You can even add some scrumptious cream, cream cheese and other dips to the mix for extra taste.

It’s easy to cater for a sweet tooth with a little creativity.