The 33rd Spiritual Law, the Law of Decree, is based on the book A little light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper.
I get rather apprehensive when discussing the Law of Decree!
As youâ??ll discover later in this article, Decrees are easy to make yet the consequences are very often not that easy to deal with. Decrees are to be held and treated with the highest respect and should be cast only with the highest and purest of intentions for the good of all concerned.
You make a Decree only once and the power of the Universe aligns behind it to bring it to fruition
When we embark on our spiritual journeys, we naturally start at the bottom of the ladder (as we would when starting our careers) praying to God requesting our desires and the Angels assist by taking the energy of our requests to the ultimate Godhead.
Those sitting on this level of the ladder are living in the third dimension, focusing on physical and material gratification, believing in only what their senses show to be true and in the illusion that superiority in any form exists.
Here affirmations and prayers are used and repeated to shift our consciousness and beliefs.  While these are valuable tools on our journey as we shift to higher levels on the ladder we have different options available to us.
As we shift into the fourth dimension and the next level of the ladder, we completely understand and trust that we are first and foremost spiritual beings, in service to all people and the planet and we then follow our inner wisdom and guidance. 
Our understanding of the Universe has shifted considerably
When we are able to accept responsibility for creating our realities, we become co-creators with the Divine and begin our initiation into the fifth dimension, ultimately becoming masters â?? masters of our reality. 
The higher we move on this section of the ladder the more our vision of the Universe and creation becomes expanded. Once here, we no longer request as servants, but make decisions and issue instructions that Universe obeys.
When you are a master of your reality, there in no room for blame, as you accept that you are responsible for everything that is going on in your life. You are then able to communicate directly with the hierarchy of the Divine and work with the Divine in co-creating your life.
A Decree commands the Universe to obey our orders
If a Decree is made without sufficient preparation, wisdom or clarity, chaos may ensue for which we are not prepared. Decrees are to be made with integrity, humility and clarity.
Before committing yourself to a Decree, you need to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom carefully 
Write it down and look at it from every angle. It has to be positive and clear. Ask someone you trust for assistance if need be. 
Once you have evaluated your Decree in every possible way, then you proceed in making your decree. You should stand with your back straight, shoulders back and your decree should be said aloud with authority. 
The wording for a Decree is incredibly important as you are commanding the Universe to obey and to shift things in order to give you what you want. As with many aspects of life there are variables that we are unable to determine at any given moment and therefore require grace to protect us.
For example, â??In the name of God and all that is light, under grace I now decree…….it is doneâ?
â??It is done or so be itâ? is how you end your Decree
Repeat your Decree three times. Then, watch how the Universe shifts things around and presents you with the opportunities required to achieve your Decree. It is important that you understand, that a Decree without action is like a dream thatâ??s never followed.
Decrees are powerful and should not be taken lightly and for this very reason they are incredibly exciting
Take note though, if you decree for true love, everything that is preventing you from obtaining true love will be presented to you to be cleared out in order to fulfil your Decree. If you decree to have humility, you may experience humiliation. If you decree for patience, tests and lessons regarding this will be presented to you.
If you want someone to love and plan on using a Decree to get it, be aware of all the other Spiritual Laws, for some reason when the Law of Decree is presented people seem to forget that itâ??s part of a bigger picture. 
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As within, so without; if you are looking for love, decree first that you love yourself, then the one you seeking will be presented to you.
We can decree for more light and peace on earth â?? if more people did that, the face of the planet would change as the power is truly ours.
Live your life by filling it with unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those for whom it is meant.
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