Joy is all around: you can always find something to be joyful about…

Let joy become your natural way of being

They may be small moments of joy, but when you look for them and feel appreciation for them, they snowball until looking for, feeling, and expressing joy, becomes your natural way of being.

Use your imagination to remember joyful things, imagine joyful times in the future, and notice the wonders and the beauty around you

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Small children know how to find joy: they see dragon scales in tree trunks, fairies in dew drops and heaven in a bucket of mud.

William Wordsworth said â??Who are we that so full of care, we have not time to stop and stare?â?

So stop often in the day and take a moment to find joy through the blessings that surround you. When you are in a joyful, happy state, any person or situation you focus on benefits from your attention, because your attention is warm, caring, appreciative and joyful, and when showered with that kind of attention, everyone becomes radiant.
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