Message from the angels:
These are very important times we live in.

The joining of the Angelic and Human Forces can save the planet. 

Angels shouldnâ??t be pigeonholed.  In other words, they donâ??t only belong to religion, spirituality, esotericism… they belong to everybody; they are a part, not apart, from us. Angels belong to the human race they were created for this exact reason.
The angelic realms are a specific, super-powerful dimension created by â??Godâ? (supreme being)  to assist the human race and this is their primary function. 

The energies from this realm manifested in angelic forms have waited patiently for a time to arrive when human beings are capable of realising that â??theyâ? â?? the angels – exist not only in times of crisis but are present at all times.

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Angels are a superpower and vibrate at such a high frequency that we are not able to see them, but we can â??feelâ? them and once we are in tune with their energy, will â??knowâ? they are close at hand.

The time has arrived to â??tune inâ?. The planet needs earth angels now more than ever before. When the angelic force and human force merge an earth angel is born!  

Guardian Angels

When we are born we enter the planet as a three-dimensional being consisting of a physical body, a spirit/higher self/soul and an angelic presence, which we call a guardian angel, and despite popular belief, your Guardian Angel is not a blonde haired person with flowing robes and wings! 

Your guardian angel is not a separate entity to you – it is part of you – it is part of your energy field, part of the human â??packageâ? â?? it is your angelic spirit. 
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How many parents have told their small children that they have a guardian angel to watch over them or when someone is in distress their guardian angel all of a sudden becomes a very important aspect in their lives? How very convenient! 

What needs to be understood is that these guardian angels are a presence within all of us and with us all the time.

Childrenâ??s guardian angels do not leave them just because they become teenagers and it is not â??coolâ? anymore, and they donâ??t just appear when someone is distressed or dying – they are there all the time and their function is to help everybody live a better life.
We have all chosen certain lessons to learn during our lifetimes, some quite severe, and it is during these times that we look to angels for their help but unfortunately most humans look outside of themselves, expecting an angel to fly down from â??heavenâ? to assist them. 

As of this moment, please do not waste precious time calling on â??heavenâ?, trying to see angels manifest in front of you or calling for an angel name – call on the angel within! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my grandmother/ father / mother/ my guardian angel?
No, he/she is not.  But, I know she is in contact with the angels and together they will help to guide you.
Do you see angels?
No I donâ??t. I am an ordinary person like everybody else, have not had any amazing visions, no university degrees, but I have worked very hard making the angels part of my life and the results are my proof that angels exist.
Who is my guardian angel?
It is part of you!
Does my guardian angel have a name?
Yes it does, but I donâ??t think we could pronounce it, it is not an â??earthlyâ? name.
What is the difference between a guide and an angel?
Angels come from a specific dimension and only experience â??lifeâ? through you – a guide has lived on this planet before and has chosen to accompany you to learn from and teach you during your present lifetime.        
Are there any evil angels?
In my opinion, no. Personally I donâ??t have the time to contemplate evil angels. I am far too busy focusing on the positive side of angels therefore donâ??t have the time to entertain this thought.
Will my altar attract dark energies?
In all the 12 years I have been working with people and angels, not one single person has ever informed me of their altars attracting anything dark. I only get positive responses.
Where does God fit in?
This is all about God. God created the angels, God created us, God created the planet, God created the divine plan, we are his helpers on earth. In fact we are all God.
Do you believe in life after death?
Most definitely! When you consider the love we have for those close to us how can that ever disappear or disintegrate? You can never destroy love or a soul. People pass over into another dimension but stay connected to us.  I am certain they link up with the angelic realms to help us.   

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