Tamzon Morton decodes the 13th Spiritual Law, the Law of Intention (based on the book: A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper). 
When we activate the Law of Intention within our lives, we unleash a powerful force behind our visions
Whether or not our intensions are ultimately achieved we have set the power of the Universe in motion behind that intention. When we intend on doing something we are more likely to work through challenges that may arise in order to achieve our goal than we would if it was something we merely hoped for.

Once we have cleared away the cobwebs obstructing our clear and defined vision and activate the law of Clarity within our lives, we intend on achieving that specific goal and the Universe aligns itself with that intention.

The Spiritual Laws are always simple and exact

Diana Cooper says â??Never underestimate the power of intentionâ? as itâ??s also taken into account when our Karmic records are evaluated.

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For example, during the course of your working day, a colleague is injured as a result of something you did, who is then responsible for it, accumulating the relevant karma? 

If you were working with integrity by following the correct procedures, the accumulation of karma falls away as the lessons attracted are then the basis for the event.

However; should you at that point in time be lacking in the integrity department as a result of negative emotions such as anger or by just acting irresponsibly then the accumulation of karma becomes relevant and it will have to be balanced at some point.

Karma can be earned as the Law of Intention unleashes a powerful force behind our visions
If someoneâ??s intentions are untoward in any way, focusing on pain, anger and creating chaos, whether or not the perpetrator does in fact carry out their intentions, karma is earned as the Law of Intention unleashes a powerful force behind our visions.

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The same applies, if you intend on aiding those less fortunate and your focus is pure with unconditional love for the highest good, whether or not these ideals are in fact physically carried out, then the karmic benefits are just as great.
Should you find yourself in a position where you have applied the Law of Clarity and your intentions are clear and there seems to be no movement, then wait, as there is a reason for everything and should it be to wait and hold back then do just that. 

Whatever your goal may be, your intention behind it is supported by the Universal energies and forms the foundation of what you will ultimately manifest.
Over the next week be very aware of your intentions as you embark on your various  journeys and continue to focus on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness ensuring that what is ultimately manifested in your life is with the Highest good of all in mind and keep that Karmic record, squeaky clean.
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.