Tamzon Morton discusses the 12th Spiritual Law, the Law of Clarity (based on the book: A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper)…..

John Kehoe wrote in his first book on Mind Power:

Weak and scattered thoughts are weak and scattered forces.

Strong and concentrated thoughts are strong and concentrated forces.

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Writing these articles I receive large numbers of e-mails from people requesting guidance and assistance, as this is one of the aspects of writing that I love.

I respond to as many as I can as quickly as I can, very often asking the ultimate question â??What do you want?â?.

Working with people focusing on a holistic approach to healing, this question comes up daily for 99 % of my clients.

Now, if you donâ??t really know what you want, then please tell me, how do I assist to the best of my ability?

Added to this, how does the Universe give you what you want when you donâ??t know what it is before you impatiently give up saying, this does not work.

The Law of Clarity is one that I am particularly passionate about and itâ??s the one where I am presented with the most challenges.

The Universe, nor I, nor the Pope or even the Queen cannot bless you with the abundance you all so richly deserve without you being able to define what your desires are.

What do you want? Make a decision! Take responsibility for your life and decide

When you do this, you activate the Law of Clarity in your life which enables you to free yourself of all the perplexities in your life and the doors of opportunity open up to you.

If you are stuck in a relationship, filled with anxieties, uncertainty and a serious game of tug-of-war, stop! Decide what it is you want, make the message clear to your partner and all those negative energies will dissipate, bringing about serenity and the ability to move forward, while the Universe activates a chain of events, bringing you your hearts, greatest desires in line with your defined requests.

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In other words, if you keep telling your partner is over, yet you continue to have a sexual relationship with him / her, stop asking why theyâ??re not getting the message, as the Law of Clarity does not allow for one foot in. while the other is out….. this applies to all parts of the anatomy I might add…

Decisiveness is imperative, no matter what journey you embark on

This applies to relationships, career etc. When going on holiday, you define the route you wish to take. When embarking on a career or starting a business, you decide what it is you will do first and then continue on a specific path â?? you cannot build a sustainable business if you keep changing what the company does.

How do you then satisfy your clients and build a base when you are continually changing your services? You clients, like the Universe will eventually stop coming to you until you able to define what your products or services are going to be.

Honesty and integrity are part and parcel of the Law of Clarity, and when you are clear, youâ??ll attract the correct situations and people into your life, whereas the alternative could bring about some unanticipated gifts that you supposedly never requested.

Remember that you are the Only Master in your lifeâ??s dreams, so take responsibility, place your clear requests with the Universe, believe and focus and your dreams will become a reality.

For this week, look at those areas in your life that seem daunting with all its bewilderment and decide with absolute and unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness what path you wish to follow, lift the veil of darkness from your eyes and see your world fill with light and energy like never before.

I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.