Tamzon Morton discusses the 11th spiritual Law, the Law of Abundance (based on the book: A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper).
I see the Spiritual Laws at play within my life everyday

I can only smile as I realize what is happening around me.  The sensation that comes over you when you experience the truth of these laws is phenomenal as you finally become aware of the Divine power we are all connected to.
The wisdom in the knowledge and reminders we are now being given has blessed us with an opportunity to embrace a future like never before, if only we would step up to the play and apply this knowledge in our everyday lives and ultimately achieve our goals! 
Feel the energy around you, listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by your highest self, release the ego and see a whole new world unfold for you.
We all have so much to be grateful for!
Really look at your life and try and deny it! For many, sadly abundance merely represents material wealth, yet abundance is so much more.  
Diana Cooper says: â??Abundance means flowing with love, joy, happiness, prosperity, success, vitality, laughter, and all the good of life.â? 
Now look at your life and try and deny how much we are truly blessed with.
As above, so below
It is our heritage to have all the abundance the Divine wishes to bestow upon us, yet our consciousness prevents us from receiving these blessings.  Our thoughts, beliefs, and love of self barricade us in a place where we are unable to receive. 
We are each responsible for removing these disillusioned thoughts and beliefs from our lives
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Unconditional love is about embracing all your experiences and relationships with a heart and soul free of attachments.  A heart held behind the walls of Fort Knox is filled with the fears of the ego emphasizing all the imperfections in the world stifling the Divines efforts in blessing us abundantly.
The love from the Divine is everlasting so release the barriers of fear around your heart and let the energy of love flow around you everywhere you go, and see the power of love being drawn to every area of your life.
Based on our interpretation of Success, it is ultimately never achieved, as when we have reached one goal, we start planning for the next, continually chasing our personal version of what success means in our lives as opposed to the alternative. 
This means that success is now about living your journey with passion and love and flowing with the natural course of things free from stress and frustration.  We then move to a place where we are open to receiving the abundance we all so richly deserve finding validation in who we are and not what we have. 
Itâ??s amazing that when you simply define a word differently how you free yourself from so many pressures…..
We live in a world of balance where the law of Flow must be free to nurture us in order for us to nurture others. 
When we flow with life and accept these gifts spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically unhealthy behaviours fall away as we are first and foremost balanced with love.
We live in a time of instant gratification and run around like a chicken without a head  chasing our current definition of success and complain and whine that this does not work because we are not getting what we want, yet we receive everything we desire when we are truly able to be responsible for it, which ultimately means, when you are ready.
See abundance in your life everywhere you go and you will have abundance
However, if you think, speak and act on abundance which is destructive and negative, youâ??ll have an abundance of all those things. Think, speak and act abundance of love and see Utopia in your everyday life.
For the next week, live your life filled with passionate unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. AND MEAN IT!
And over the next few weeks, let me know what type of abundance you have created in your life. I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.