The 10th in the series of Spiritual Laws is the Law of Flow (Based on the book: A little light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper)…..
Like the ebb and flow of the tides, so is the flow of energy throughout the Universe!

Everything constantly moves. Nothing ever remains static or the same. Each moment is the most important moment in your life and there will never be another like it.

By loving yourself a little more each day, strangers across the globe will be affected. Diana Cooper says â??….a polar bear cannot sneeze in the Arctic without a grain of sand moving in the Sahara…..â?  All the energy in the Universe is flowing.
When we look at the presence of natural water within our lives (which represent emotions) we are able to see the effects of our emotions

Wild rapids are usually attempted by those wanting to live on the edge, so we find those in our lives with rapids for emotions to be exciting yet exhausting and gradually move away from those that make unnecessary wild waves. 

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When rivers are blocked and our emotions are blocked we reach a stalemate in our relationships and stop growing until such time as there in an overflow and the emotions are released. 

When the river of your life is filled with peace, contentment and serenity we attract those that want to share in the beauty of a glowing aura and healthy, happy relationships.
Take note of the water and your emotions in your life (refer back to the law of Reflection) and really take a look at the effects on your life and those around you. 

The Law of flow is everywhere, you can run, but you can never hide from it
When your space is cluttered and disorganized full of the stuff and emotions that we so skillfully hoard, there is no room for the new to enter.  We desire all the beautiful aspects of life to flow in ours everyday, yet we refuse to forgive and release the events of the past and then tell the Universe that itâ??s not working for us.

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When you start clearing out your cupboards and letting go of the past the Law of Flow immediately shifts to bring us something new, however, it is our responsibility to decide what that will be. 

Do you choose to remain in a tainted consciousness filled with black spots of negativity, or do you become focused and channel all your energy in creating your life the way we want it?
There is no quick fix for the floods that plague our lives; the Law of Attention reminds us of that.
The decision is yours

Release the outdated memories and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good and work on changing your habits in order to bring in the new desired life.  It could be as simple as using a different route to or from work to set things in motion. 

Remember, all spiritual laws are SIMPLE AND EXACT
So start by physically clearing away baggage while believing and affirming your desires of the joyous new journey you wish to embark on, visualizing all your dreams coming true with every fibre in your being and the passion and excitement you can muster and  watch how the Law of Flow shifts events your life  

Write down those things that you may be battling to let go of and BURN IT!
Become a master of the Law of Flow and you will create your life filled with everything only you can dream of. Begin practicing the Law of Flow by living a life filled with unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.