Tamzon Morton discusses the 9th spiritual law, the Law of Attention (Based on the book: A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper)…
Welcome back everyone! Finally everything is moving again. Last year we completed all the eight Basic Spiritual Laws of Life. We now begin a new phase of our journey together while we study the Laws of Creation.

We begin now with the 9th Spiritual Law, the Law of Attention
Like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resistance which we previously covered, the law of Attention is simple and exact and ensures that anything you give your attention to will be manifested in accordance with and equal to the amount of attention you bestow on any thought. No matter how you may feel about it.
Living in our material third dimensional world, for many generations we have believed that â??seeing is believingâ?, yet through the ages many sages, seers and shamans have taught that the opposite is in fact true. 

â??Believing is seeingâ? and now even science is proving this to be true to the point that the thoughts and the mental attitude of the experimenter has an effect on the experiment…… WOW! 

If we released all our doubts and fears, can you imagine the lives we could all create for ourselves? The possibilities are endless!
Just as the experimenters thoughts influences the relative outcome, so do our lives differ based on our thoughts

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If you placed a group of people in the same situation and monitored the outcome for each, each person would have a fairly unique result, purely based on what they believe to be true for their lives and themselves.  

Each one of us creates our own realities and we should grow up and take responsibility for our own lives and create it the way we want it to be. 

This Spiritual truth is simple and exact and now science has woken up and has finally started supporting this absolute truth.
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Surrender your fears and your doubts to your higher power so as to free yourself and your thoughts in order to focus 100 % on your dreams

If you focus 100 %, youâ??ll achieve 100 %, if you focus 40 %, youâ??ll achieve 40 %… the choice is ultimately yours â?? so my question to you all is â?? What are your dreams for 2010 and what do you intend doing about it with this amazing knowledge you have been given?
Diana Cooper uses the most amazing analogy when describing this law, â??When you plant a seed you have a picture of a beautiful plant appearing at the appropriate time. Then you water it and look after it. However, you do not dig it up constantly to check that it is OK.â? 
The same applies to all of us. Focus only on the positive, think and speak about the positive around you, focus on the beautiful plant at the end, tend to your garden by holding your vision firm in your mind, wavering is not an option, do the necessary work and your success is assured.
May you all be blessed this year and may all your dreams come true.
We begin the year again by focusing on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude and work on applying this to everyday situations.
Please continue to send through your requests, questions and experiences, however, please bear with me if my responses to you are slightly delayed as I have had an outstanding response.

I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.