Tamzon Morton discusses the 8th Spiritual Law, the Law of Attachment (Based on the book:  A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper)… 
When reading through this law, I experienced an array of emotions; from laughter, to excitement and then the realization set in that the Spiritual Laws are simple and exact and that it was at play in my life too.  For lack of a better way of describing it â?? what a FREAK out!
Attachment can be defined as having or working towards anything you want where your self-worth, happiness and security is dependent on achieving that goal. 
In which case, youâ??re a puppet â?? so you thought you were reaching your dreams in the corporate world and youâ??re the one in charge, well, think again, if you need it to be happy youâ??re a puppet because puppets (you, me and everyone else) are manipulated by the puppet master (the attachment) and unless you free yourself, you will remain bound. OUCH!
The dance of energy throughout the Universe, swirls and twirls, attracting and repelling all our hearts desires; however, there are those that are tied together by cords that are brought through from lifetime to lifetime and from generation to generation (eg. Religion) and draw you together from great distances.
These cords play tug of war with both parties mentally, emotionally and physically and they tie you together until you are both completely trapped and unaware of the game at play.
Cords are formed by negative energy between two people with unresolved issues between them

Every time you send out negative thoughts or make negative comments in anger, or from a place of hurt, jealousy or envy you throw out another cord. 
While fleeting thoughts dissolve with little effect, regular emotions in this manner, only bind you to that person â?? scary!  (I just think about the relevance in my life…)
These cords are timeless as they travel with us, reactivating and pulling us towards those we are bound to, giving us the opportunity to do things differently and release our cords of attachment. 
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This also applies to material things such as houses. Yes, you are free to live in a nice house, As Above, So Below, the Divine is happy for you to live in a place where you are happy, yet, it should not define you and should you lose it, it should not change the way you feel about yourself. 
Now that gives a whole new meaning to â??the trappings of wealthâ?.
You can also be attached to intangible things, such as love, giving you the equivalent of a ball and chain, ultimately creating energies around you that bind you. 
A Master is detached from all these trappings
He is independent of status, security, money and emotional roller coasters. He is incredibly powerful and free, remaining centered. 
This is not to say you cannot have a happy relationship with a partner, your child, or your child to you, however; codependent relationships, neediness and devastation ensnare you in a ball of tangled cords preventing you from being objective and mature about your relationships. 
A Master loves unconditionally and allows those that he loves to be themselves, freeing them and enabling them to move on should they wish to do so and when they do, he mourns but he is not devastated as he is centered and detached. 
Ultimately, attachment is conditional love! 
Expecting someone to behave in a specific manner, asking them to change instead of accepting them the way they are, is all conditional love. 
Unconditional love dissolves these cords and sets you and those around you free
As all our cords, throughout time are gathering together in order to be released so that we may be free, we must forgive utterly and completely, ourselves and those around us as forgiveness dissolves these cords throughout time. 
Another way of releasing these attachments is by intention and visualization through meditation. 
Cutting these cords enables families entangled in a web and marriages and friendships to free themselves and each other, empowering each person to be who they are.
The final challenge for this year is to focus on unconditional love and allowing those around you to be who they are
Followed by understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude no matter how challenging this might seem.
Please continue to send through your requests, questions and experiences, however, please bear with me if my responses to you are slightly delayed as I have had an outstanding response.