The 7th Spiritual Law is one of the laws that we ultimately use as a powerful form of denial!  (Based on the book:  A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper.)
And just to keep things interesting, this Law goes hand in hand with the Law of Reflection
In other words:  In our physical form, with our human consciousness we now understand that everything about ourselves is reflected back to us so that everything we see in others, is ultimately a mirror of everything within ourselves, therefore everything we see outside of ourselves in then a projection of ourselves….. right?
It sounds more complicated than it really is â?? remember; the Spiritual Laws are simple and exact!
In truth, we project our stuff onto those around us, refusing to accept responsibility for our stuff by implying that it is within those around us giving us the perfect opportunity to deny our stuff…
When you say â??You areâ?, â??he isâ? or â??she isâ? be aware as you are about to project something of yourself onto someone else
So, when criticizing someone in the office for making a stupid mistake, sit up and take note as you are ultimately criticizing yourself for making a stupid mistake in some form or another. 
Ever notice how everyone around you is stubborn and inflexible â?? well, not only is this being reflected back to you for internal recognition, but you are in fact projecting that onto others, as you cannot truly know how stubborn people are or not; despite the fact that they may be stubborn and you have attracted each other to show each other the truth about yourselves, the point is, you can only take responsibility for your actions and your feelings when you can honestly say â??I am stubborn and inflexible”…
Not only do we project the negative stuff, we also project the positive stuff
So there is some good news after all. We project our love, our kindness, patient and caring qualities onto others as well.
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People you are naturally kind anticipate that everyone is that way inclined, generous people expect that everyone is generous and so it goes. 
Very often, we are unable to see our own magnificence and beauty so weâ??ll credit it in those around us when all we are seeing is a reflection of our selves within and a projection of ourselves onto the outside world.
By seeing the side of ourselves that we love so much in those around us, acknowledging those qualities and accepting them in ourselves, offers us the opportunity for Spiritual growth.
Take responsibility for the parts of the outside world that belong to you, itâ??s not all women that are chatterboxes, itâ??s just me. 
Acknowledge the truth about yourself, â??I am a chatterbox and I love itâ?. Itâ??s actually very easy
Diana Cooper explains it beautifully when she says: â??The expression â??a pot calling the kettle blackâ?? aptly describes the Law of Projections. Neither sees itself as black.  Instead each sees how black the other is.â?
There are many other analogies, like â??people in glass houses shouldnâ??t throw stonesâ? etc. I am sure that at least some of us are aware of these sayings (projection).
In truth, many of us have mindsets and opinions and belief systems about ourselves and others that enable us to shift responsibility, and there are many highly experienced and objective professionals that still view this world and others in this manner.
While in this form, with our current consciousness, unless we are able to detach ourselves completely and observe the world with absolute objectivity, these coloured lenses are here to stay.  So remove projections from your life completely. 
Your experience is yours, and your best friendâ??s is theirs, so focus and work on yourself
The truth is this:

You can only see yourself
You can only hear yourself
You can only talk to yourself
You can only criticize yourself
You can only praise yourself
The challenge for this week is to take notice at how you project things onto those around you and work on changing it 
Focus on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude no matter how challenging this might seem.
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