The 6th Spiritual Law, the Law of Reflection tells us why we need to look within first… (Based on the book:  A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper) 

Iâ??m sure weâ??ve all heard the saying â??mirrors never lieâ?. Then why is it, we deny this fact when looking at the reflection of our own lives? The Universe organizes itself to accurately reflect aspects of yourself, as within, so without. Simple and exact!
The Law of Reflection reiterates the need to look at ourselves first when the reflection we see is not to our liking

As we use the Law of Attraction to bring those into our lives to teach us what we need to know in order to achieve what we want to achieve, we use the Law of Reflection to show us what we need to change in ourselves in order to achieve what we want to achieve.  Make sense?

Every person in your life and every situation is a reflection 

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Whether you avoid this truth by justifying, denying and plainly ignoring the truth implying itâ??s all somehow sorely distorted, the Spiritual Laws are simple and exact. 

When you look in the mirror and see that you are now getting fine lines around the eyes and they are puffy and tired, you accept the reflection you see and make the necessary changes in order to slow this process down… so you get the creams, adjust your diet, exercise a little more and a whole lot more sleep. 

You consciously make an effort to change the reflection in the mirror as far as you possibly can, without denying that the person in the reflection staring back at you is you.  And so it is with life.  As within, So without. 
Many people will now look at their lives, get bent out of shape and deny that they are this way or that

The Law of Reflection is one of the most amazing laws as it gives you the opportunity to see yourself and your hidden secrets in the truth of your everyday life, empowering you to make the changes you see fit.  This law is an absolute blessing and should be greeted with sheer optimism and excitement. 

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As you change on the inside, so your reflection will change on the outside

The reflections of those around you, are merely aspects in yourself that require attention. So if you are surrounded by disorganized and chaotic people, look at the disorganization and chaos in your life.

You might say that you are organized so this cannot be a true reflection, then look at the side of you that may desire a little chaos as youâ??ve always been responsible and have not had the freedom to let go. 

This is then showing you that the part of yourself that is in desperate need to escape needs attention. Allow yourself some freedom, take the pressure off, or you could just look at the untidy part of yourself.

If those around you have qualities that honestly have no affect on you, then there is nothing to reflect as you will not notice these attributes. The more certain behaviours and characteristics in someone else bother you, the more the Universe is giving you a wake up call telling you to sit up and take notice of what it is trying to show you. 

People you like, admire and respect are highlighting those attributes in yourself that you are proud of or that you like in yourself. To some extent those qualities are present within you. 

Diana Cooper has the most amazing analogies and explanations; here are just a few to give you an idea:

Lights not working â?? can you see where you are going in life?
     Batteries flat â?? are you feeling flat?
     Cobwebs all over the house â?? are you feeling stuck?
     Puncture in your tyre â?? are you feeling deflated or are you letting yourself down?
     Brakes fail â?? what behaviours do you need to stop?
This list is endless â?? look at the people around you, take notice of what you like and donâ??t like and you will be able to see what you are happy with in yourself and what you would like to change. 

Look at the situations around you, take notice of what the Universe is telling you, if youâ??re not sure what the relevance is of a certain reflection, look at what the machinery does.  Animals are phenomenal reflections as well.  Happy dog, happy owner, someone may seem nice enough but has a vicious dog, beware â?? the owner has vicious side too….
Between leaking taps and overflowing emotions, noisy dogs and questionable owners, gardens and people and people and people, there is a reflection everywhere. 

For you to gain the experiences you want, the lessons will be attracted in these ways

Behaviours could be projected (to be dealt with later) and reflected all enabling you to learn. Embrace these gifts in life, because when you understand what you are seeing everyday, the hand book of life that we all desire is no longer necessary.