Resistance is one of those funny words as there are many ways in which this word can be used, however, today we are discussing resistance as the act of defending our position â?? whatever that may be. (Based on the book:  A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper) …..

The 5th Law: The Law of Resistance
The Law of Resistance and the Law of Attraction are so close to each other, you could almost bind them together, the only disadvantage with that is we need to understand the Laws as they are separately as well as a whole. 
With the Law of Attraction, we understand that everything we focus on, with our thoughts, our belief systems, words and actions brings people, situations and material objects into our lives.  Very often we focus on something that we donâ??t really want and when it arrives, we close the door on it and push it away.

What you resist, persists

Diana Cooper has the most profound way of putting this plain and simply â??What you resist, persistsâ?.  For me that is honestly the ultimate way of explaining what it means to resist and the results thereof.
Everyone invokes the Law of resistance at some point, very often not being aware of it

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For example, youâ??re late for a make or break meeting and on your way out the door you say to yourself â??Please let there be no traffic, please no trafficâ?, whatâ??s happening here is that there is a focus point â?? traffic, to add to it your conscious mind is able to register positive and negative, however, your sub-conscious mind is unable to register a negative, so what you end up saying is â??please let there be traffic, please trafficâ?. 

Shocking isnâ??t it? Instead focus on itâ??s clear all the way, free and flowing.

When you want someone to be on time, remind them of the time, but avoid saying â??donâ??t be lateâ? â?? the sub-conscious will hear, â??be lateâ?.  Another brilliant analogy is a computer, you can only tell it what you want it to open, if you click on something to tell it NOT to open, the computer is going to assume that this is the document or file that you want.  The same applies. 
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// –>Positive affirmations are a great way of gearing your mind up in the right direction so that you only focus on the positive

So, if you want to be healthy, you affirm, â??I am healthyâ?, if you want to encourage money into your life you affirm â??I am deserving of and welcome richesâ? and you can apply this to ANYTHING!
Once youâ??ve changed this and started focusing on the positives, affirming them to yourself daily, you will see your entire world shift!

As with the Law of Attraction, the Law of Resistance requires one fundamental foundation and that is to be decisive 

To attract what you want, you must be decisive. So, if a part of you is looking for a life partner, but thereâ??s a part of you that fears commitment youâ??ll find yourself in a constant tug of war until you work through your commitment issues, decide what type of person would be your ultimate and open yourself up to finding that one true love. 

When he arrives, the idea is that you run towards him and give thanks for this miracle as opposed to slinking off with your tail between your legs and pretending you never asked for it in the first place.
Now for the difficult truth about the Law of Resistance….. in most cases itâ??s triggered by victim consciousness

Victims are those that spend their time refusing to accept responsibility for themselves and then blame others because their lives are in a mess.  In a relationship situation, there are those that say, itâ??s my husbandâ??s fault, he never listens, heâ??s never there for me etc.

Now, the husband is first of all mirroring the wifeâ??s behaviour, when she starts making changes, starts listening and is there for him, things will gradually change and if not, under Universal law, the husband will either have to leave the wifeâ??s new life or change his attitude!
Embrace all the joys the Universe wants to bestow on you and open yourself up to a life filled with all your dreams and miracles, coming true!
The challenge for this week is to continue being positive so that you can continue attracting those things that you have decided you want, thankfully we donâ??t all want the same thing, so thereâ??s plenty to go around. 

Then, release your victim, set it free, by writing down your fears / angers or whatever holds you back and burn it sending it off with love, then see how the law of Resistance is relevant in your life, Iâ??m sure thereâ??s a number of things running through your minds already (like mine) and work on changing it into a positive thought, word, action, belief etc.

Again, the foundation to these laws is unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude and work on applying this to everyday situations.
Please continue to send through your requests, questions and experiences, however, please bear with me if my responses to you are slightly delayed as I have had an outstanding response.

I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.