The 4th Spiritual Law, the Law of Attraction, is one of the most debated, yet misunderstood laws of the universe…
My friend Jean and I discussed this at length and I really enjoyed the fact that this is probably one of the most debated laws of the Universe that there is. It is also one of the most misunderstood laws. 
A person hears the words, the Law of Attraction and they immediately think of â??The Secretâ? and all the controversy that surrounded its release and what followed for many thereafter. 
Personally, I found it to be not only powerful but a brilliant place to lay an initial foundation with, as it really gears you up with all the right information, in the right direction.  The problem is that far too many people misinterpreted it or merely interpreted it the way they wanted to…
Now, letâ??s get down to the truth of it
Have you ever played with magnets? Iâ??m sure this is something that most people have experienced and itâ??s fascinating to see how the polarities attract and repel and then how some things seem to be completely unaffected.
We attract all people and situations
So it is in our journeys on earth. We attract all people and situations, repel others and have absolutely no affect where there is no attraction â?? positive or negative.
This is as a result of the vibrations or energy that we send out, almost like the frequency of radio stations. People and situations that resonate with our vibrations will be attracted to us and our situations.
Those that donâ??t will merely pass us by. The vibrations that we emanate is as a result of our sub-conscious and conscious energy which is made up of our thoughts, words and actions and they either attract, repel or remain neutral.
Spiritual law is simple and exact
As within, so without â?? every aspect of our lives is a mirror of what is truly going on inside and what we will inevitably end up attracting into our lives.
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If you visit someone and they are friendly and smiling and everything seems organized on the surface, yet they are surrounded by miserable, depressed people and their cupboards are in chaos, when you get to know them a little better, youâ??ll find that they are miserable, depressed and chaotic inside. 
That person is then revealing our side that may be in the same position and our Higher Selves are encouraging us to truly look at our situation and correct it.  Once we have corrected it, weâ??ll start attracting different people and situations into our lives.
Diana Cooper states: â??Desperation repelsâ?
Isnâ??t that a fact? Ever notice how when people are desperate to find a partner, thereâ??s no-one interested or even available. 
When you are desperate to have a child, for some reason you canâ??t fall pregnant. When you are desperate for money, no-one has any to give…
Makes you think, doesnâ??t it!  As soon you accept your situation no matter what it may be that you are desperate for, bearing in mind that you have already requested it from the Universe/your Higher Power, and you release the attachment to a specific outcome and you work on your self in preparation for your relationship and make your home a loving, stable environment for your child and trust that youâ??ll be looked after financially, things just seem to fall into place. 
Suddenly you find the partner of your dreams, you find out youâ??re pregnant and someone has money to share…
The key is to be fulfilled as you are right now, without a partner or a child or money and to be the best you can be right now and the rest will follow as you will attract it in that manner, a positive, happy manner. As within, so without
The laws are simple, exact and all interconnected – positive attracts positive
Everything you attract you can take right back to what you think, believe, say and do.  The law of Attraction is relevant on every level. Just as some people pick up weight because they feel vulnerable and have a need to protect themselves, so do we attract various other situations which mirror the above.
If your partner has hurt you in some way, you might cut yourself. If you are angry at the world and feels that it owes you something in someway, you may attract thieves or people that borrow money or things and never return them. 
If you are predominantly focused on negativity, you attract negativity â?? this is one reason why I rarely watch or listen to the news and the radio â?? so much of it is negative and itâ??s amazing how few people would actually listen if an entire broadcast was positive. 
Yet, if you are positive and think, speak and act positively, you will attract positive people and situations….
On a financial level, Iâ??ve heard a number of interesting situations where people have gone and created debt for themselves, using the Law of Attraction, and have ended up in dire straits. 
These very same people then negate their responsibility in misinterpreting the Law of Attraction and blame â??The Secretâ? and anything and everyone that they can for doing something which merely requires basic logic. 
The Law of Attraction does not say create debt and then use affirmations etc to make the money, it states that what you send out you will get back. 
In other words, if you are running a business and would like to earn R50 000 per month, you set goals and work at achieving them and be grateful for your R50 000 per month before you get it and gradually every month or every second month your income will increase. 
It does not state that you must now live as if you have R50 000 per month and wonder how the hell youâ??re going to pay for this lifestyle on a R10 000 per month income.  Believe that what you have requested will happen, affirm it daily, work towards your goals and prepare your life for when you get it â?? plan it and be decisive.
The challenge for this week is to firstly be positive that every time you go to the shops you will have a parking right near the door, you might have to wait a minute to get it, but you will get it and see how many parking spaces you can get at the door over the next week. 
Remember, you have requested it, you are applying the 2nd law as you are positive about it as well as the 4th law by attracting it and let me know how it goes.
We will still continue focusing on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude and work on applying this to everyday situations.
I have had an amazing response to these articles and so please continue to send through your requests, questions and experiences.  Looking forward to it.
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.
(Based on the book:  A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper)