The third article on the Spiritual Laws from Tamzon Morton discusses the spiritual law of Request…..
So how has focusing on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude been going? 
Over the last week, I noticed once again that this will require continuous application.  Old habits need to be released before this new way of life will truly come to the forefront.
Despite this, I did notice that it was a lot easier since the last article, than the previous one, so practice does make perfect and Iâ??m looking forward to creating this in my life and dealing with all lifeâ??s challenges in this way. 

Last week, the challenge was to assess your life and to see how what you felt internally and what you experienced externally and how the first two laws applied…

When I was loving, those around me responded lovingly

In all honesty, I was amazed to actually see the truth in my life.  When I was loving, those around me, responded lovingly.  When I was angry, those around me responded in the same manner and I was even more surprised to find myself asking the question â??Why is everyone else in such a bad mood!â? HAHAHA!!! I had to laugh at myself as it dawned on me, how simple and exact the first two laws really are.
The Law of Request
This week, weâ??ll be focusing on the Law of Request.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this chapter as it brought home the truth about a few aspects of life.  Again, itâ??s simple and exact.  If you want help, ask for it! Hence, the law of Request.
There is nothing worse than a meddlesome body around you, always interfering, taking the bull by the horns and breaking everything in the delicate China shop, when all you wanted was a bit of advice. 

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You canâ??t learn anything by someone else always fixing everything

Itâ??s like your toddler trying to open a packet and in your impatience; you take it back and decide to assist, when you have not been asked. Then when your child is four years old, you wonder why they canâ??t open the packet for themselves…..yet you have this expectation without giving them the opportunity to learn.
In every experience we have on our journey here, there is a lesson

A lesson that needs to be learnt and every time someone interferes, they are preventing you from learning your lesson. 
You might find yourself doing the same thing, Constantly assisting when no one has asked for it and when you force your help or advice on someone or they on you, if things go wrong and the lessons are not learned, your bear the cross of their karma or visa versa. Like we need to add anything else to our lists….
However, there are times when it is necessary to assist without being asked, like if someone is having a heart attack or has a broken arm, if you have the necessary training you assist proactively, otherwise you take a more passive approach and comfort them while waiting for the paramedics. 

More than that you should not do.  Ultimately, when behaviour like this continues and thereâ??s always a rescuer present, the rescuer then becomes an enabler and prevents others from taking responsibility for their own lives and lessons.
As above, so below

Just as you or anyone else should not interfere, so it is with your Angels, Guides and Higher Powers

Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation which is not in line with your karma or time of death, your Angels and Higher Powers will intervene, however, they will not interfere in your everyday choices. 

They will allow you to make an unholy mess of your life and they will be there to support you every step of the way, with unconditional love and compassion, yet they will allow you to learn, grow and become stronger rather than rescue you. 

If you need help, you must ask for it, after carefully assessing what it is you want and then calmly ask

Avoid shouting at your Higher Powers with frustration and avoid frantically asking what, when, where and how as this then becomes challenging rather than mere requests for guidance and support.

When you are ready to ask for help, you are ready to receive it and then the Universe aligns itself in order to assist.
If assistance or advice is offered and accepted, itâ??s a contract, if itâ??s forced, its pressure and itâ??s the other personâ??s issues, not yours. 

Like a mother who wants her daughter to get married and the daughter is not in a hurry, itâ??s then the motherâ??s issues that sheâ??s trying to impose on her daughter.  Itâ??s not the motherâ??s place, the daughter will get married, when and if sheâ??s ready.  Itâ??s her responsibility, not her motherâ??s and itâ??s her motherâ??s responsibility to sort out her own issues.

When you ask, you are ready to receive
Remember, when you ask, you are ready to receive and the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is for the Universe to answer your call to its full extent.
We will continue focusing on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude and work on applying this to everyday situations, no matter how big or small in order to make this life altering foundation a reality for us all.

The objective for the following week is to be willing to ask for help and to accept it, when our help is not required.  Empower yourself by learning your lessons and empower those around you by letting them learn theirs.
I have had an amazing response to these articles and so please continue to send through your requests, questions and experiences.  Looking forward to it. I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.
In my previous article, I stated that the third law of the Universe was the Law of Reflection, I must apologise as it is the sixth spiritual law, and further to last weekâ??s article on â??As within, so withoutâ?  the additions will then be discussed a little later…