Being organized doesn’t have to be complicated and confining. In fact it can free you up to have more time for the things you really enjoy.
We all know how crazy life can get at times. From work to school to activities to household chores, there never seems to be an end to the daily marathon and it is all too easy to get mired down in needless clutter.  
But there is no reason to let your life get away from you when being organized is so quick and easy.
Yes, thereâ??s that word â??organizedâ?. It can be downright scary to some people but truth be known, organization is not so terrible and it can be a big asset.
Being organized can bring freedom to your life
What it doesnâ??t have to be is complicated, time consuming and confining.  Being organized does not mean letting go of your freedom. Far from it, as a matter of fact.  It can actually mean finding more time for the things you love.
The simplest way to bring organization to your life is by creating lists
A few extra seconds to write down the steps you need to take, dates you need to remember, chores to do or anything else that you need to get a handle on and youâ??ll find completing even the most detailed tasks can be much simpler.
Lists are especially helpful at Christmas time
This can be especially helpful at the holidays. The preparation for holiday celebrations can be hectic but you can mitigate that by keeping a checklist of who you need to buy presents for, who you need to send cards to, what steps you need to go through to get the house cleaned and decorated, even the menu for your holiday dinner. 
With everything written down, the whole process can be that much easier for the entire family.
This same basic method works for everyday routines like paying the bills

Keep a checklist of which bills need to be paid when and keep everything in a central location so that itâ??s all at your fingertips when the due date arrives and paying bills can become much more simple and much less of a headache.
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// –>The biggest problem most people have with being organized is thinking that it will take up all of their time
Why waste your time making lists and consulting calendars when you could be doing something much more fun? Actually, take an extra few minutes to get ahead of your daily routine and youâ??ll find you have even more time to spend doing the things you like best.
More people spend extra time rummaging through clutter for lost items or rushing to get things done at the last minute than they do stopping to make a list.
It may not seem it, but being disorganized is actually a huge time waster
This doesnâ??t mean you have to have spend every waking moment making lists and putting everything in neat piles. It just means staying one step ahead of your daily routine. 
Time is fleeting, so why waste it on scrambling to get things done when you could be relaxing and having fun?  
Being organized doesnâ??t have to cost a thing but it can save you a lot including time and stress. And whatâ??s not to love about that?  So donâ??t be afraid to organize…it can be the best decision youâ??ll ever make!