In my previous article, I gave a basic introduction to the Spiritual Laws and a basic explanation of their purpose.
While the introduction did not have anything specific to apply, there were a number of things confirmed in our own personal experiences and by mere observation of the world around us, the introduction has opened our eyes to a whole new perspective on life.
The daily power struggles that many of us face, was easily observed, responding to these challenges with unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude has proved to require a lot more practice for both myself and my friend that are on this journey of self-discovery.

Physical gratification and the material world is no longer fulfilling many

I noted with a number of my clients, that many have truly found that physical gratification and the material world is no longer fulfilling them. Many are now only facing the daily grind because they have to provide for themselves and their loved ones. 

Sadly, the feeling of â??have toâ? leaves one feeling rather empty, frustrated and almost hopeless, and then weâ??re asked to apply love in every area of our lives….

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This journey can bring us all to a fulfilling place of mastery

Well, a daunting challenge this might seem, practice makes perfect and Iâ??m very optimistic that this journey can bring us all to a fulfilling place of mastery.
Iâ??ve combined two chapters into one article, as they are all encompassing and a brilliant place to truly embark on our new ways of life.
As Above, So Below

The first Law of the Universe is, as above, so below. The bible describes this as, on earth as it is in heaven. Diana Cooper uses the analogy of a parent/ child relationship to describe this law. 
To explain: You love your children throughout their lives, from the time they are babies, through everything in between, right through into adulthood and it doesnâ??t stop there either. No matter what your children do, you love them and know that one day they will grow up and learn from their mistakes. 
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As a parent, you guide your children through life, yet you allow them the freedom to learn from the choices they make. As does God, (the Divine, the Source whatever name you choose to call your higher power) love you no matter what.
As parents cannot always protect their children from the choices they make, nor can your higher power always protect you from your choices and ultimately many aspects in life are based on freedom of choice. 

As you want your children to be loved, happy, healthy and prosperous, so does your higher power want that for you

As above, so below. 

When you are happy and you are doing what gives you fulfillment, joy and a sense of value, your higher power and heaven celebrate this with you.

As above, so below.

As parents, you can offer your children guidance and advice, yet you empower them to make their choices and support them when they donâ??t and things go wrong.  As does your higher power.
As your higher power desires ultimate mastery for you and your experience in this school of life; so does your spiritual aspect desire this for you. There is a longing to be fulfilled by something that physically cannot be achieved. 

As above, so below.  When you give thanks and show appreciation for the gifts the Universe has bestowed on you, you receive so much more. 

When you ask with love and faith, you are given with love and generosity

Your higher power and the Universe responds to you as you respond to them. When you are happy and grateful, the heavens share this joy.  When you are sad, the heavens share your pain and offers love and encouragement.

As above, so below.  Send out unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, and the heavens will rejoice and bestow these things on you.
As Within, So Without

The second Law of the Universe is, as within, so without. This Spiritual Law is very straightforward, itâ??s so uncomplicated, and it could be childâ??s play.  That is, if we didnâ??t find ways to complicate, justify and deny the truth of it.

The Universe literally reorganizes itself to mirror your true reality

Surrounded by angry people? Take a look at the anger within. Surrounded by critical people, look at the criticism you so eagerly impart on yourself. 

Surrounded by loving, well-adjusted and caring people, look at the love and the caring you gently give those around you.
This law applies to your physical body as well

When you feel vulnerable, you are inclined to pick up weight as a protective measure. Woman with large breasts, are protecting their hearts. A protective layer on the stomach and hips is how we shield our emotions and sexuality from all that we may fear. Iâ??m sure you get the picture. 

As within, so without. The Universe merely mirrors what we choose to hide or what we may need to deal with, whether itâ??s conscious or subconscious, from this life or a past life.

If there is anything in your life that you does not bring you joy, go within first and see where this reflection may be stemming from

If you truly wish to change the course of your journey, examine yourself, your attitudes and beliefs.

Change them and see the changes in your outer world.  As Diana Cooper says, this Law is simple and exact.
More of this will be discussed in the next article based on the third law of the Universe: The Law of Reflection.
As practice makes perfect, we will continue focusing on unconditional love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  See how many challenging situations come about that you are truly able to apply this to. 

And if you fail this time, forgive yourself and just try again next time.  The challenge for you until the next article comes out is for you to assess your life and apply as above, so below and as within, so without.  Make one small change inside, and see the phenomenal results outside.
Looking forward to hearing about your experiences and feel free to send me any  questions you may have.
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach.