Follow the 36 Spiritual Laws to banish fear and negativity in your life. (Based on the book A little light on the Spiritual Laws By Diana Cooper)….. 

As with most things in life, we are required to adhere to certain rules in order to function effectively within our various societies. 
By the same token, we are taught spiritual laws prior to our physical manifestation.  Unfortunately, people have chosen to ignore them, many have merely forgotten.

Physical gratification, control, warped success, destructive behaviour and negative emotions have been how this planetâ??s inhabitants have played their game. 
It is time for change
The power struggle of everyday life has created disharmony and now, finally, celestial dissatisfaction has entered our souls and we are realizing that there has to be another way of doing this, there has to be a better way of living out our lives in this space and time. 
We are now preparing to move on up to a higher playing field
Whether youâ??re willing to admit it or not, we are all shifting to a higher dimension and whether this is a spiritual process for you or not, it doesnâ??t change the fact that the human race is changing. 
Many, if not most, people have embarked on a search, whether it be for spiritual enlightenment or a sense of fulfillment; the search is on and it is clear that what we desire is not tangible, it just is.
When we follow the spiritual laws and incorporate them into our daily lives, we reach a level of enlightenment or a higher frequency and we begin to recollect the truth about our true selves and our hearts open to unconditional love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and gratitude. 
There is a sense of being whole and fear/negativity is transmuted.
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By following the spiritual laws your purpose is gradually revealed to you
Your intentions and attainment of what you desire on your journey will fill you with absolute peace and harmony.
Man kind has an opportunity like never before to attain the wisdom of a mass awakening. Be it 2012 or in the next decade, things are changing. 
All that is unresolved is re-surfacing to be healed and released. All the love we have given, we are now receiving and preferred choices in the past no longer seem to fulfill us. Embrace this process, learn the laws and create heaven on earth.
After reading this book and seeing the effects of this knowledge not only relevant in my life but of those around me, who also read this powerful book, I was called to embark on a journey of self discovery while exploring every aspect of this book in my everyday life. 

Embark on a spiritual journey
I asked a very close and dear friend to join me on this journey and to see how it played out in our own lives as well as our family lives.
As a result, Iâ??ll be doing a series of articles based on the different laws. Feel free to join us as part of your journey and feel free to send me feedback.  I would also recommend this book to anyone for a phenomenal, life changing read.
I trust that this knowledge will reach all those that it is meant to reach and that enlightenment is truly possible if we are willing to apply the powerful spiritual laws that are there to guide us on our physical quests.

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