An affirmation is a declaration of something that is true, but it is also a way of practising positive thinking.

Buddha once wrote:
The thought manifests as the word.
The word manifests as the deed.
The deed develops into habit.
And the habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its ways with care.
And let it spring from love,
born out of concern for all beings.
It really is a phenomenal quote.  Like so many to follow after him, he truly understood the concept of â??What is within is without!â?

What is within is without

No matter whom you are or where you are, everything you think about is revealed to you through your experiences in life. Itâ??s almost hard to believe itâ??s that straightforward.

The Secret explains laws of attraction

As Bob Proctor explains in the phenomenal book â??The Secretâ?:  â??Everything thatâ??s coming into your life you are attracting into your life.  And itâ??s attracted to you by virtue of the images youâ??re holding in your mind.  Itâ??s what youâ??re thinking.  Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.â?

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Keep your thoughts loving and positive

So what images are you holding in your mind? You are a powerful force with a frequency that radiates into the Universe calling in everything you hold in your mind.  Wow, itâ??s a daunting thought. 

Keep your thoughts loving, positive and focused by using affirmations and think everything you want and need into your life.

Tony Robins, Robin Banks, John Kehoe, James Arthur Ray and  Bob Proctor, but to mention only a very few, understand the importance of keeping your thoughts pure, loving and focused on whatever it is you want for your life. 

They live their dreams and teach many others worldwide on the importance of affirmations and the power they posses.

Make your affirmations real by repeating them until you create them

Very often when one starts with affirmations thereâ??s a strange feeling of â??yeah right, this is so not trueâ? but itâ??s important to understand that despite the fact that whatever it is that you want in your life might not be true yet, you are creating it in your mind every time you read them and say them to yourself.

In this way, you are allowing your sub-conscious mind to pick up on your conscious positive thoughts, ensuring that they are captivated and thereby creating the life of your dreams.

Start with loving affirmations about yourself

So start with loving affirmations about yourself and allow your love and focus to radiate into every area of your life.  Heal yourself, heal your life, then heal your world.

The following passage is a powerful way to start. (For best results, read daily.)


Deep at the center of my being, there is an endless well of love. 
I now allow this love to flow to the surface. 
It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness, my very being and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied. 
The more love I use and give, the more I have to give, the supply is endless. 
The use of love makes ME FEEL GOOD, it is how I express my inner joy. 
I love myself; therefore, I take loving care of my body. 
I lovingly feed it nourishing foods and beverages, I lovingly groom it and dress it and my body lovingly responds to me with vibrant health and energy.   
I love myself; therefore, I provide for myself a comfortable home, one that fills all my needs and is a pleasure to be in.  I fill the rooms with the vibration of love so that all who enter, me included, will feel this love and be nourished by it.
I love myself; therefore, I work at a job that I truly enjoy doing, one that uses my creative talents and abilities, working with and for people that I love and that love me, earning a good income.
I love myself; therefore I behave and think in a loving way to all people, for I know that that which I give out, returns to me multiplied.
I only attract loving people into my world for they are a mirror of what I am.
I love myself; therefore I forgive and totally release the past and all past experiences and I am free.
I love myself; therefore, I live totally in the now, experiencing each moment as good and knowing that my future is bright and joyous and secure, for I am a beloved child of the universe and the universe lovingly takes care of me now and forever more.  And so it is.

I love you

(By:  Louise Hay)